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Hi/Hello :) Welcome to my (Sal)computer site. I hope you enjoy it and even get a laugh -lol (laughing out loud)! Feel free to keep coming back to these sites as I keep updating them. I'll "BRB" (Be Right Back)!


From: Bob C
To: pat@
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 9:14 AM
Subject: Daylight Savings Changes
I do not know if you are aware of this, but Congress pass a bill that has changed when Daylight Savings occur. This year, it will come 3 weeks earlier. That really doesn�t mean much, except for computers.
Since computers don�t know about Congressional laws, they are unaware of the new update that needs to be downloaded. I believe that Microsoft has included the patch for the daylight savings problem in their latest batch of updates, however, if your computer didn�t update them, your calendars, and time on the computer would be wrong come March 11.
I�ve included a link for both PC�s and Mac�s on where they can get information about updating their computer for this new daylight savings change.



Bobby C.
Technology Coordinator

During my sophomore year, I decided to pursue a minor in Computer Science. I took one class called Introduction to Computer Science my freshmen year, and it sparked my interest to do so. However, when I took a course on Algorithims, I wasn't as interested any more. I dropped this minor and decided to just make webpages as a hobby to keep out of boredom during my early years living in Morris!

Side Job of Making Homepages

With all this experience and interest in making homepages, I've gotten myself into doing this as a side-job and hobby. Besides my servant interest for the Lord in making ministry websites like this one and for my local church; I've gotten into making it for people I know based on referals or reccomendations:

  • Conroy Well Drilling, (est. 3/1/04)for my current housemate's family
  • Della Conroy Multi Media (est. 4/26/04)

  • *Have you ever heard about the story of "The Water is Wide" (from CBN's 700 Club)? It's the story of a Conroy (nickname "Conrad"), a missionary, who taught an African American lady at a Christian school down south (U.S.A.) during the mid 1900's when racism was at it's height!

    Contact Me:

    Below are possible clients:

  • Prairie Renassaince Cultural Center, (new site I updated after Seth Sweep, former UMM student that created the first design) located in downtown Morris

  • *wants existing website to have own domain
  • DAC, w/ physically challenged adults
  • Stevens County Historical Museum
  • Virus Protection?

    -Macafee AntiVirus Protection
    My co-worker and a family friend has been asking about recent (Jan 2005) problems with this service, so I decided to do some research on this:

  • Startup File: Virus shield too good BY JEFFREY C. KUMMER Pioneer Press, Posted on Mon, Oct. 18, 2004
  • Good, Bad, etc.., Dell Community Forum
  • Internet Web Evangelism Day

    April 24th of 2005

    Computer Problems


    -Internet Connection
    ""Windows-System error There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network" " (sister's computer 8/8/08)

  • Networking & wireless: IP address conflict with another system on network?? by ocean - 11/14/03 10:44 AM (

  • Solutions:
    "This error is stating that your IP is the same as another IP on your little 4 PC LAN."
    "uninstall and install the wireless drivers from the device manager and that will work out you will bw able to go online...This is the easiest method I found"
    Wireless Networking - there is an ip address conflict with another system on the network (wireless ), from
    "someone is on the network with a forced IP address that is the same as yours. you can either force your ip address to something else, or let windows request a new one from the dhcp (by repairing the connection), or find out who it is and force them to change their IP address. Windows knows this because there is a "table" of which computers (system) has what IP address and it checks it, and saw your IP is the same as someone elses... (at least thats the easy explanation).."
    Windows - System Error: There is an IP Address Conflict with another system.... , from
    "change the ip address on your desktop to something else.... im assuming its in the 192.168 range.... so make it something like ... or sumthing of the sort... should solve your problem either that or release and renew it if you dont want a static..... jsut go to start > run > type cmd from the command prompt type ipconfig /release then hit enter.... when that finishes hit the up arrow and make the "release" into "renew" then hit enter.... or you can simply go to your network connections, riught click the local area connection your using and click repair... should do all that automatically."

    Recommended Resources



  • Free Tech. Classes at a Library Near You November 20,2009

  • " Minnesota Public Libraries have received technical toy kits that will be used for a free computer technology curriculum.
    The Morris Public Library has received various gadgets to be used in free workshops which will introduce people to using MP3 players, WII (we) programs, Global Positioning Systems and the like.
    Melissa Yauk is the director of the library she says the pilot workshop will first introduce attendees to the library website, introducing users to e-books, requesting books and the Viking system.
    Yauk says that she will procure professionals on the given media to teach the classes. The free workshops will be held the third Saturday of every month and will include lessons on digital cameras, WII programs, LCD television kits, GPS, web camera, e-books, and mp3 players.
    The first class will be held this Saturday at 9:00 a.m. before the library open, it's free and open to the public."


  • Eric Bergelund Consulting, a good friend (UMM Alumn 06') of mine
  • Repair Services

    Mobiz Computers, Mobile Computer Services: Home & Business-Contact Tucker McCannon, Owner at Office#320.585.5471; Cell#320.219.0916
    *similar to the Geek Squad


  • Tech Plus
  • Websites Designers

  • Castorid
  • Iceberg Web Design
  • State-GoodnewsMinnesota


  • St. Paul whiz kid cashes in Jawed Karim, a graduate of St. Paul Central, wanted to share his videos with friends. The result: YouTube -- and a very fat check.
    John Reinan, Star Tribune Last update: October 12, 2006 � 11:56 PM

  • "The 27-year-old Karim, a 1997 graduate of St. Paul Central High, was recognized as one of the creators of YouTube, a site that allows users around the world to share videos. Internet giant Google agreed to buy the site from Karim and his partners, fellow PayPal alums Chad Hurley and Steve Chen."
    *classmate of my younger brother (ceo)

    Digital/Document Imaging
    *learned of this opportunity for my workplace from a 2-day conference in St. Cloud June of 2011


  • H.J. Cummins: Workers with disabilities get a boost from digital , Oct 5, 2005 from

  • " With 20 percent of its floor space consumed by file cabinets, the crowded Minnesota Department of Human Services realized it had a problem with paper.
    The agency's solution might be a sign of things to come.
    It hired 16 of its own clients with disabilities, trained them to convert paper documents to digital images, and 18 months later this corner of state government has 3.5 million fewer pages of documents in storage boxes.
    "It was either this or look into 'bunk cubicles,' " said Monica Crocker, coordinator of the electronic document management system at the department.
    Advocates for the disabled see digital conversions as a potential mother lode for their clients: Governments, banks, law firms and health care companies are all looking to the promise of computer disk storage to liberate them from their paper burdens. And conversions -- especially the repetitive process of removing staples, taping rips and opening folded papers so they can be electronically scanned -- is ideal work for many with physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities.
    On top of that, this option can make the labor-intensive process affordable to more employers. The Human Services Department pays $7 an hour to this crew, compared with the $28 an hour Crocker said she got in an open bidding process. Everyone on the work team gets $6.15 of that $7 -- the state's minimum wage.
    "Good money," said an appreciative crew member, Trina Lewis.
    The department was motivated to shrink its records to prepare to move some of its divisions into the new Elmer L. Andersen Human Services Building, which opened last weekend. The nature of its work requires lots of records and often long storage. For example, the files on people under public guardianship must remain intact through their lifetimes plus 20 years, Crocker said.
    To get the job done, the department turned to the piece of its Minnesota State Operated Community Services that finds and supports employment for people with disabilities.
    It provides 16 to 19 clients at a time, and some coaches to train and supervise them, placement coordinator Heidi Forbes said.
    The clients work four-hour shifts, and have organized themselves in four teams -- the Early Birds, Vikings, Stars and Wild. Most of their work is "document preparation" -- taking out staples and anything else needed to make a sheet of paper ready to be scanned.
    "Once they learn it, it's the same thing every day," Forbes said. "It's important to these people to be consistent. Change can be hard; repetitive is good.
    "In fact, some of these folks have been successful here, after they hadn't been elsewhere," she said.
    The department got the idea from the Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities. That advocacy agency converted all its paperwork, including decades of mental health research, to a website, council director Colleen Wieck said.
    Wieck had read about an autistic man in Lodi, Calif., who was doing well converting city documents into electronic files.
    "I thought, 'You gotta get this work done. You gotta hire people with disabilities.' A lot of forces came together," Wieck said.
    She hired 18 people, who scanned documents for her for 16 months.
    She and Forbes hope more employers will take time to learn about this as a possibility.
    Besides the department, Olmsted County's corrections department also has hired people with disabilities to help handle its documents.
    She has had interest from a banker.
    "And somebody in New Jersey found us by Googling 'disabilities' and 'digital imaging' and said, 'How do we set up a business to do this?' " Wieck said.
    In the 1980s, the only placements for people with disabilities were in such jobs as fast food, laundry and janitorial. Now those agencies ask their clients what work might interest them, such as child care, and make every effort to accommodate them.
    Everyone on the imaging projects chose to be there, she said.
    "We've gone from 'supported employment' to thinking in terms of, 'What's next for you?' even, 'What kind of career are you looking for?' " she said.
    Greg Leuck, at the Department of Human Services, said he's learning FileNet software, scanning in both black and white and color.
    "I like that I'm getting experience," Leuck said.
    Co-worker Jeff Shaffer's previous job was packaging wood products and putting stickers on pipes at a state-run workshop.
    Working for the department is a big-deal job, Shaffer said.
    "We're working for the state, and that means it's important," he said. "I never had a government job before."
    What are your workplace issues? You can reach H.J. Cummins Please sign your e-mails; no names will appear in print without prior approval. "

    *see Physically Challenged
  • Midway Training Services (MTS)

  • "... was started in 1965 by a group of parents who were concerned about the lack of day training and employment services for their adult children who had disabilities. Setting up shop in St. Paul’s Midway area, these parents volunteered in operating all facets of the new organization. Since that humble beginning, MTS has grown to provide support to over 250 people who have a variety of abilities and disabling conditions.
    The original vision and philosophy of its founding members continues today. MTS motivates, trains and supports persons with disabilities in their quest to become active, contributing and productive members of their communities.

    -Software Programs

    Computer Basics : How to Scan a Document

  • How to Edit Digital Images : How to Scan a Document on an All-in-One Printer , from
  • Lesson Plans

  • Minnesota Literacy Council -Teaching Basic Computer Skills,

  • Vocabulary_matching_game_2.pdf , from Saint Paul Community Literacy Consortium

    Multi-Media Services

  • Cool Water Media

  • About Basic Slideshows

    "A brief introduction to Cool Water Media's basic slide shows, and how they're created from photos, slides, and negatives."



  • Comp USA

  • S-Video Audio / Video Selector Switch
    -S-Video Audio / Video Selector Switch from Thomson Consumer Electronics
    Cables N' Mor
  • New Egg

  • Coupon Codes
    Parts Express
  • Office Max

  • *good (e.g. USB Flash Drive) rebates on various computer items
  • Tiger Direct
  • Walmart-Wireless Adapters & Router
  • -Headset

  • Headsetzone

  • -WebCams
  • LogiTech

  • QuickCam® Communicate STX™
  • User Plane
  • How to Install a Webcam Contributor By eHow Contributing Write

  • How to use Skype webcam, from
  • -Wireless Parts

    How to Buy a Wireless Modem for Your Laptop Computer

    How to Buy a Wireless Modem for Your Laptop Computer -- powered by
    "Summary: Laptop computer wireless modems offer different speeds and bandwidth ranges. Consider the required distance needed for the wireless modem with tips from a computer technician in this free video on computer hardware."

  • 4 steps to set up your home wireless network By Tony Northrup
  • wireless+modem+router, from
  • Top 5 VoIP Wireless Routers By Nadeem Unuth,
  • LINKSYS WRT54G2 IEEE 802.3/3u, IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless-G Broadband Router - Retail , from
  • WL-520gU intel centrino2 EZ Wireless Router with All-in-One Printer Server
  • Budget Wireless Routers: Pro/Cons, from

    Anti Virus

  • Avast
  • McAfee
  • Spyware Doctor
  • -Viruses
    trojan.vundo (got this on Nov 2005)


  • Mourning on MySpace POSTED: 7:56 p.m. EST, February 15, 2007 (CNN)

  • "CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Matt Frank had been dead for eight hours when the first goodbye message to him was posted on his MySpace page.
    The note was short and simple: I love you. I'll miss you.
    Dozens more followed, as disbelieving friends took to the Web to mourn the 17-year-old and three other teenagers who were killed Sunday when a car -- crammed with nine passengers -- slammed into a utility pole after a late-night house party in suburban Chicago.
    "All I can say out of everything that I told you and taught you, I wish so bad that you wouldn't have taken my quote to heart... 'Live well, Party hearty, Die young,"' wrote friend Kristi Morrison, 19. "I'm so sorry I wish I could take that back... I love you so much man."
    More than half of teenagers who use the Internet frequent social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, where they create elaborate profiles and personalize them with photos, music and video. It follows that the online hangouts have become as important to young people in death as they were in life.
    "These are places where people in many ways lived their lives online," said Amanda Lenhart, a senior researcher at the Pew Internet & American Life Project. "And what better way to grieve or mourn a person than in a space they created."
    Policies on what to do when an Internet user or blogger dies vary among services, illustrated by the 2005 case of a Marine killed in Iraq whose family went to court to get access to e-mails he had sent through a Yahoo Inc. account. Pages live forever
    MySpace avoids deleting the deceased's profiles unless asked by family members, which means the profiles-turned-memorials can stay active for years. Other social-networking and blogging sites, such as Xanga and LiveJournal, also host memorials tied to deceased users' pages.
    "We often hear from families that a user's profile is a way for friends to celebrate the person's life, giving friends a positive outlet to connect with one another and find comfort during the grieving process," MySpace, a unit of News Corp., said in a statement.
    Bernice Hartman didn't know her daughter had a MySpace account until the 21-year-old soldier was killed during a September suicide bombing in Iraq.
    Months after Jen Hartman's death, messages and tributes -- even Thanksgiving greetings -- continued to pop up on the site.
    "It's hard to read, but it's more comforting," said Bernice Hartman of New Ringgold, Pennsylvania. "I think it's easier for her friends. They come to us at the funeral and say things, but I think it's easier for them to leave a message on that than to talk to us personally."
    Even the funeral industry has gotten into the act, providing forums for e-condolences on Web sites like and
    Bennett Leventhal, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Illinois Chicago's Institute for Juvenile Research, said mourning on MySpace is a natural extension of a society where handwritten notes have given way to e-mails and text messages.
    "The Phoenicians had to chip it into tablets," he said. "(This) is just a different form of communication. I don't think it changes the subject or intent. ... It's just another form of public grieving."
    Because networking sites don't monitor the contents of every profile, it's possible for people to post disparaging comments.
    The posthumous messages on Frank's page, however, tell of shared kisses, parties, adventures, basketball games and the grief of cleaning out the teen's bedroom.
    "Since the pages are personal it sort of feels like you are still able to talk to the person you just lost, and it seems to offer an intimate means of sitting down by yourself and having that last goodbye," said Phil Lorenz, 27, a family friend who posted a goodbye message.
    So far, Morrison has posted notes to Frank's profile three times, as well as to the pages of the accident's other victims.
    "I didn't get to say goodbye to any of them. And I just wanted to say goodbye," she said in an interview. "I don't know if it makes people feel better. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, that they are reading it from heaven."
    Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed."

    Basic Computer Skills

  • Basic Computer Skills

  • "Each section of this website contains a straightforward, self-paced introduction to these topics. To access information about any topic, single click on that topic's name below.
    Estimated time to complete this section: 55 minutes "

  • Basic Computer Skills Tutorial — for a Windows Environment, (with pics)

  • Learn Basic Computer Skills You are viewing an Expert Village Video Series:

  • Learn Basic Computer Skills : Understanding Shortcuts & Files in Microsoft Windows

    "The concepts of shortcuts and files are essential to understanding how the Windows XP operating system works, get a tutorial in this free video."
  • Index of Entry Level Computer Skills for Windows/PC Users Essential Browser Skills - Internet Explorer. Understanding URLs · Navigating with the Buttons
  • Minneapolis ABE TouchTyping Curriculum
  • Bible

  • I Am Not Ashamed

  • Genesis 1:1-4

    "1) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.2) The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.3) Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light.4) God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness."


  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Children

  • ABCya! The Leader in Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities
  • DVD's

  • Verbatim 8.5GB 2.4X DVD+R DL 20 Packs Spindle Branded Disc Model 95310 $24.99 at
  • E-mail Accounts

  • G-mail, rom Google
  • Muscat

  • *discovered this today (Friday, July 27th of 2007)
  •, with webpage

  • How to setup email

    "Simplified instructions for ESL students on how to setup an email account. "

    Filtering Service

  • I Exalt, filtered internet service
  • Life Way,


    -Get Paid to Surf

  • Surf Bounty
  • -Online Surveys

  • Cash 4 Offers
  • Get paid to review products, from vindale research

  • " Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation required. "
  • winningsurveys
  • Homepage Tools to Build Websites...

  • Creat it 101 Basic HTML, from a pro
  • Echo Echo, html frames
  • HTML Goodies
  • Creating, scroll bars
  • XSiteProWebsiteDesignbuilder

  • "It's a love hate relationship when it comes to DreamWeaver and Frontpage as they are both powerful web site design programs with steep learning curves. I have used DreamWeaver and reviewed FrontPage, and I have got to tell you that the learning curve is horrendous. And once you think you know what you're doing it is still a lot of hard work to build your website, get it optimized, and keep it updated; it's internet marketing the hard way. This is not the case with XSitePro. "


  • Word Press, (my personal site)
  • -Clip Art
    Alphabet, from
    Animated, from
    Bible Picture Gallery
    Children, from
    Christianity Freebies
    Christian Net, bible
    Furniture: (, etc..
    Free Christian Graphics for you Webpage
    Pimp My Yearbook

    Site Meter
    Stat Counter


  • Play Lists

  • -Tabs
    How Web Design Tab Graphic, free download
    Site Point
    -Technical Problems
    700 No Adult
    "It sounds like some type of content filter your host has in place. My advice is to cut the post in half, then try both halves to see which causes the error, then cut that, then continue until you can figure out what word is causing it.

    -Free Webservers

  • 100 Free Best Webservers

  •,my first webserver to make websites
    Digital Space ($6.95/mo for 5GB up to only 10 subdomains)
    ($9.95 for 20 GB)
    Flash-Template -Design
    *referred by Eric B. (9/07)
    Free Hostia ($4.95/mo for 10K MB)
    Geocities-Yahoo, free 3-month trial ($19.95/month after)
    "Mysql is a database system and I have it mostly figured out (just need to fine tune my learning a bit more). There is also something you should look into for webpages called CSS (cascading style sheets). All you have to do is link to this file, reference it for text, etc. and you can specify page style. This would be a great feature because you can change the format of all the pages simply by editing the *.css file. I would be willing to teach some of it to you guys."-Friend who makes websites
    X10Hosting, 3GB for $5.95
  • Your HTML Source, basic forms

  • *referred by Ben W. on 10/6/04

    -Business Opportunities
    *make money through clicks!
    Work at Home: Google for Dollars If You Have a Web Site, You Can Earn Money From Ads, from
    "Google offers two free tools that have their advertising program built in -- and -- but you're by no means limited to using their tools. Sites such as Yahoo Publisher, and Apple's iWeb all have programs to allow users to build sites. If you already have a Web site, you're ready to go.
    Register your site with Google's AdSense program ( ), which works with hundreds of thousands of Web sites and hundreds of thousands of online advertisers. Signing up is free, with no cost and no obligation. The system matches the advertiser's target audience with the content of the relevant Web sites.

    My Power Mall

    Shopping and business opportunity from Stasha/TNT
    *referred on myspace chat on Wednesday, November 28th of 2007>
    My Power Mall Business Evaluation By David Cowley
    "..Is it really free? If I have to spend 30 bucks or so per month to maintain an active account then I do not consider that opportunity to be free.. If I have to purchase some type of mailing list or do any advertising to get a minimum number of people signed up under me to maintain my active status then again it is not free...
    Does My Power Mall have any qualification minimums? Nope, no mandatory minimums, no meetings, no selling required, no activity requirements and the company guaranties that their will never be any. If you take a look at what they are offering you can see why this is true. Only one on-line store exists."

    My Power Mall Review - Scam or The Real Deal?


  • My Space
  • , here is my personal "goodnewseverybody" site)

  • Shout Life, a positive network
  • Computer Projects:


  • DVD Nero Write Error ..Pls HELP!! ..Its urgent, blog in

  • Problem: "Hi All
    I newly bought a Optiarc DVD Burner DVD RW AD-7190A. When today I tried to write a 4479MB of data on my 4489MB blank DVD-R, an error comes after 98% of burning the DVD ..this annoyes me a lott.I used the Nero 6 OEM provided by the burner.Plsss help me ...m crying .Following is the Log :-.."

    " ok so at wat speed to burn??
    is multisession also affecting?
    8x - 12x would be my recommendation.
    The (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR) in the log would indicate that the burner is either not happy with the media, or not happy with the media at 18x
    Re: DVD Nero Write Error ..Pls HELP!! ..Its urgent
    heyy it wrked dis time...thnx 2 all ... i had tried 3 things dis time...

    1)reduced d data frm 4479 to 4404MB as ma blank DVD-R capacity is 4489MB
    2)used 8x for writing
    3)disabled d multisession

    plss temme wat solved ma i have to taka care of abuv 3 thing everytime wen i hve 2 write a DVD??
    Thnx again

  • Windrivers Forum

  • " bootzki: hi..i really don't know much about computers...i have a toshiba satellite m45-s359...when i go to insert my maxell won't play..i go to my computer and click on the dvd rom says... disk not formatted. windows cannot read from the disk. the disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a formatt that is not compatible with windows... what does this mean and how can i fix the problem??? please help
    NooNoo: Two possibilities bootzki
    DVD Decoder is a possible problem... there is a free one at Download it and try again.
    But much more likely is you are a victim of DVD types.... Blank disks come in + or - format so you can have + R and + RW and -R and -RW.
    Older laptops tend to be able to play +R (but not all, it's never that simple) and DVD players are often good with -R format... again not always!
    So how do you tell? First you need to find a friend who has a computer and a dvd drive that can burn both +R and -R. Then insert the disk and in the burning program there is usually a disc info section which reads the disk and tells you what's on it and what format it is.
    You then get said friend to burn a copy of the skydiving video on to the other format for you to test on your laptop. So if it turns out your skydiving disk is a -R, ask your friend to do a disk copy onto a + R disk and then test it on the laptop and the DVD player.
    It's a nuisance... when I do home videos for friends, they are always confused as to why I give them two copies with a big R on it and I have to explain it's not the R, it's the + or - that precedes the R that's important! Never, ever approach a computer saying or even thinking "I will just do this quickly."
    bootzki Registered User Join Date: Jan 2008 Posts: 5 yes windvd is installed and yes i can play other dvds on here..its only two dvds that were home made that i can't play...the rest i can...i went to the website above and results...i quickly tried to play the dvd on my hp desktop..and it when i find time..i will try to burn the copy like you said noonoo and try that...thank you guys again for all the advise and help..i greatly appreciate it...i have a feeling though that its a lost cause...

  • Animation Factory

  • "paper"
  • Barry's Clipart

  • paper
  • Christian Graphics Gallery
  • Clip-Art and Icons, from
  • Clip-Art Guide, of ethnic people
  • Cyber Grace Christian Network,get some christian clip art for your homepage
  • Discover y Channel-Education
  • Fotosearch
  • Free-Clip Art, download for free
  • Microsoft - More than 150,000 free images and sounds

  • People
    -"holding hands


  • Powerpoint Slide Show
  • still photo slideshows on youtube forum

  • "From Movie Maker 2 and Photo Story 3 PapaJohn's Guide to YouTube "
  • Using DVD's for weddings?
  • Vcd Slideshow Nero downloads
  • How to put photo slideshow on Youtube?

  • "Use for this WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER (or) NERO 8 .You can export the slide show as avi or mpg format and then upload video on youtube support any video format like avi, 3gp, mpg, mov, rm, flv and ... ."
  • How to make flash slideshow for YouTube
    "Tips: YouTube Upload Tips ( Videos saved with the following settings convert the best ): Output Format: MPEG4-4 Movie(*mp4)"


  • Alta Vista-Babel
  • Google-Translate
  • -Video Downloading from Internet

  • Vdownloader

  • How to use vDownloader (v7.2.1)

    YouTube User Guide : How to Download Video From YouTube

    "There are several ways to download video from YouTube, but one way is to use a free program called MPEG Stream Clip, which is available for both Macs and PCs. Download videos from YouTube onto a computer with information from a multimedia producer in this free video on popular Web sites"

    -Video Editing


  • JVC VCVDV206U 4 to 6 pin Digital Video Cablefrom

  • DVD Videos:
  • Avid Tryout Center, software trial
  • How to con convert VHS to DVD

  • How To Convert VHS Tapes Into DVDs � Part I, from

  • Toshiba DVD Recorder w/ Built-in Tuner
    "With video upconversion up to 1080p via HDMI the D-R550 takes your existing DVDs to a new level complementing today s best high definition TVs. SD Bridge Recording*** lets you easily record programming received from the built-in digital and analog tuners onto DVD in standard resolution. Built in ATSC/NTSC/QAM digital/analog tuner allows for tuning of analog or digital channels from over the air or cable including cable-in-the-clear digital channels. Front DV input with Camcorder Controls means simple copying of memories from tape to DVD. Auto Finalize (with undo) simplifies the recording process by automatically completing your recording at the end of a disc or end of a timer recording. Flexibility of Playback and Recording is enhanced with compatibility with the most popular formats for recording and playback (DVD-R DVD-RW DVD+R DVD+R). HDMI includes uncompressed digital video and multi-channel audio signals in one cable for single wire connection of home theater components to the television. HD JPEG will provide the ability to view megapixel images in their enhanced resolution when using HDMI and an HD display device."
    Videotapes to DVD transfer (VHS and others) (APM Studio)
    " You get one DVD (up to two hours of video) for each videotape submitted. You will be able to provide a title for each DVD. Additional copies are only $9.95 each."
    Toshiba DR-550 DVD Recorder w/ built-in Digital TV tuner + DVD Video Upconversion
    *contact info
  • How to connect your computer to your VCR or analog Camcorder

  • help connect VCR to computer, from
    Converting 8mm tapes to digital-from Steve
    "I have kept my last three 8mm camcorders to use as players, switching them on occasionally to keep them in working order, so I have one partially and 2 fully operational players to use for my tapes as long as they remain playable. I suggest you buy a second-hand Hi8 camcorder as a matter of urgency, so at least you've got a player. I also have two working VHS recorders.
    Ideally you could play them through a video capture card. This will probably take at least the runtime of the tapes. A poor alternative is to project them on a small, bright screen using a video projector, while filming them with a digital camcorder, ensuring somehow that frame rates don't clash unacceptably. That's what I did last time round with my parents' Standard 8mm cine films, and it's a lot better than nothing."

    8mm vs Hi8
    " I have been transferring my old Hi8 tapes from my Hitach VM -H57E thru my new sony DV TRV22 to my PC. Unfortunately my Hitach has just died and I don't want to pay to fix it. What would be the best wat to transfer the remaining tapes - without paying someone to do it...You may be able to get some help for Hi8 to DVD transfer from the following link. am Converting old Sony 8mm to DVD. My old Sony handycam died and the tapes are now 12 yrs old. The players are expensive so the cheapest way was to buy a Digital 8 handycam which can play back the old analogue tapes. A VCR type player would cost more. I use the firewire port to save to my computer first then Author and burn to DVD. I am using Ulead movie factory 2 SE but the quality of the encoding is not all that good. I am about to try the pinnacle products. I am trying to avoid the expense of a capture card. Hope this helps. Just confirming that Digital 8 camcorders DO play the old 8mm tapes....
    Posted on Thursday, July 28, 2005 - 01:36 pm: visit to convert camcorder and vcr tapes to dvd

    How To Transfer Video from a Digital Camcorder to a DVD Recorder

    DVD Editing:
    *create DVD format videos into videos to be transferred to websites (e.g.
    10 Interesting Things You can Do with,
    " I want to add my own music and photos to a Youtube video clip but don't have the budget to buy Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro or Macromedia Flash. Can I still create my custom video for free ?
    Chances are that your computer already has a full fledged video editing application installed by default - it's called Windows Movie Maker and should satisfy the needs of most hobbyist film makers. You can add titles, transitions and even certain video effects.
    Here's how to edit a Youtube video inside WIndows Movie Maker - First convert the FLV to AVI format using Super Encoding software, then add your own pictures, music or video clips and finally export the completed file into any video format of your choice. It's that simple."

    Adobe Photoshop
    Hot DVD Editor 2.1.41 Fark digg Reddit MyWeb BlogMarks Furl Jots ( View screenshot )
    "Killing Bees"

    " My younger brother and I shoot water to take down the bee infestation in our backyard..."
    *Cucusoft Ultimate DVD + Video Converter Suite, order form ($59.95)
    Functions of Cucusoft
    Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 Brand spanking new interface highlights this release By John Virata
    " Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 is consumer video editing application that is designed to make it fairly easy to edit digital video for playback on the web, video tape, or on your computer. The application has been updated with a new interface and some new enhancements as well. Within the scope of this first look, some of the new features to this editing tool will be discussed as well as the workflow for those who are not familiar with this consumer level NLE.
    file extensions-flv
    Interface-The Edit Tab
    What is the big news with version 4.0? The interface has been spruced up. It is totally new and gives Premiere Elements a more professional look to it. It carries a gray color scheme with orange, purple, and green tabs for the application's Edit, Create Menus, and Share Tabs, respectively. The idea behind these tabs, or workspaces, is to help you finish your projects more efficiently. For example, when in the Edit tab, you have access to all the tools in the editor workspace.

    Microsoft Windows Movie Maker
    Reccomended by

  • Microsoft Windows Media
  • Flash Videos

  • Thank you for downloading FLV Player
  • Add on for Fire Fox:
  • Adobe Flash Player


    Fall Of The Republic (Part 8/15)

  • Google Re-establishes Relationship With Government Spies Steve Watson Thursday, Feb 4th, 2010

  • "..Speaking to the Alex Jones Show, Steele elaborated on previous revelations by making it known that the CIA helped bankroll Google at its very inception. Steele named Google’s CIA point man as Dr. Rick Steinheiser, of the Office of Research and Development.
    "I think Google took money from the CIA when it was poor and it was starting up and unfortunately our system right now floods money into spying and other illegal and largely unethical activities, and it doesn’t fund what I call the open source world,” said Steele, citing “trusted individuals” as his sources for the claim...


    URGENT!!!! Stop SOPA (HR 3261)

  • Why We Must Stop SOPA The American Dream December 29, 2011

  • "Right now, there are two pieces of legislation in Congress that would change the Internet forever if they are enacted. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) would give the federal government the ability to potentially shut down millions of websites. SOPA (the version being considered in the U.S. House of Representatives) is the more dangerous of the two. It would essentially be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb being dropped on the Internet. It would give government officials unlimited power to very rapidly shut down any website that is found to “engage in, enable or facilitate” copyright infringement. That language is very broad and very vague. Many fear that it will be used to shut down any websites that even inadvertently link to “infringing material”. Can you imagine a world where there is no more Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? Sites like those would be forced to hire thousands of Internet censors to make sure that no “infringing material” is posted, and many prominent websites may simply decide that allowing users to post content is no longer profitable and is just not worth the hassle. Are you starting to get the picture? That is why we must stop SOPA. If SOPA is enacted, it could be the death of the free Internet.
    But this is exactly the kind of bill that the establishment media has been waiting for. It would give them back control. SOPA is being heavily promoted by big media corporations. If they are able to shut down free speech on the Internet, then suddenly everyone would be forced to rely on them for news and entertainment once again.
    That is why SOPA and PIPA must be stopped. A recent editorial in the New York Times described how these new laws would work….
    The bills would empower the attorney general to create a blacklist of sites to be blocked by Internet service providers, search engines, payment providers and advertising networks, all without a court hearing or a trial. The House version goes further, allowing private companies to sue service providers for even briefly and unknowingly hosting content that infringes on copyright — a sharp change from current law, which protects the service providers from civil liability if they remove the problematic content immediately upon notification. The intention is not the same as China’s Great Firewall, a nationwide system of Web censorship, but the practical effect could be similar.
    Everyone would be deathly scared of allowing anything to be posted on their websites in such an environment. Free speech on the Internet would be a thing of the past.
    An article on explained how easy it would be to bring a claim against a website under SOPA….
    If it’s possible to post pirated content on the site, or information that could further online piracy, a claim can be brought against it. This can be something as minor as you posting a copyrighted image to your Facebook page, or piracy-friendly information in the comments of a post such as this one. The vague, sweeping language in this bill is what makes it so troubling.
    Fortunately, some of the biggest names on the Internet are rallying to defeat SOPA. For example, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says that he believes that SOPA will actually “criminalize” links….
    “By criminalizing links, what these bills do is they force you to take content off the Internet”
    Another huge name, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, is alarmed that SOPA would give the U.S. government the power to censor search results without even having to go through a court trial….
    “Imagine my astonishment when the newest threat to free speech has come from none other but the United States. Two bills currently making their way through congress — SOPA and PIPA — give the U.S. government and copyright holders extraordinary powers including the ability to hijack DNS and censor search results (and this is even without so much as a proper court trial)”
    In the United States, we used to believe that the government should not take our property away without a fair trial.
    But now SOPA would allow the U.S. government to hit Internet websites with a “death penalty” without even having to go to court.
    If SOPA becomes law, the Internet will change dramatically.
    If there were no websites where people could post thoughts and ideas, what would the world look like?
    Over recent months we have seen how sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook can literally change the face of the globe. The following comes from the same New York Times article referenced above….
    YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have played an important role in political movements from Tahrir Square to Zuccotti Park. At present, social networking services are protected by a “safe harbor” provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which grants Web sites immunity from prosecution as long as they act in good faith to take down infringing content as soon as rights-holders point it out to them. The House bill would destroy that immunity, putting the onus on YouTube to vet videos in advance or risk legal action. It would put Twitter in a similar position to that of its Chinese cousin, Weibo, which reportedly employs around 1,000 people to monitor and censor user content and keep the company in good standing with authorities.
    Do we really want Chinese-style Internet censorship in America?
    Thankfully, the Internet community is fighting back against SOPA really hard.
    Initially, was publicly supporting SOPA, but a boycott organized on Reddit has hit them really hard. In fact, GoDaddy lost more than 70,000 domains just last week.
    All of this pressure forced GoDaddy to renounce its support for SOPA. However, they are not actively opposing the bill at this point.
    Congress is in recess right now, so action on SOPA and PIPA is stalled for now. But the battle is far from over.
    And the stakes are incredibly high. One blogger recently put it this way….
    “If either the U.S. Senate’s Protect IP Act (PIPA) & the U.S. House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) become law, political blogs such as Red Mass Group [conservative] & Blue Mass Group [liberal] will cease to exist”
    Yes, the free Internet that we all love and enjoy today is under assault.
    If we do not stand up now, we may lose it forever.
    Every single day, control of the Internet gets tighter and tighter. For example, did you know that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is now watching everything that is said on Facebook and Twitter?
    The following comes from a recent Daily Mail article….
    The Department of Homeland Security makes fake Twitter and Facebook profiles for the specific purpose of scanning the networks for ‘sensitive’ words – and tracking people who use them.
    Simply using a word or phrase from the DHS’s ‘watch’ list could mean that spies from the government read your posts, investigate your account, and attempt to identify you from it, acccording to an online privacy group.
    But it is one thing for them to watch the Internet.
    It is another thing for them to shut down free speech on the Internet entirely.
    Please do what you can to save the open and free Internet.
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation is helping to organize users of the Internet to protest this draconian legislation. The following is from a statement that the EFF recently put out….
    As drafted, the legislation would grant the government and private parties unprecedented power to interfere with the Internet’s domain name system (DNS). The government would be able to force ISPs and search engines to redirect or dump users’ attempts to reach certain websites’ URLs. In response, third parties will woo average users to alternative servers that offer access to the entire Internet (not just the newly censored U.S. version), which will create new computer security vulnerabilities as the reliability and universality of the DNS evaporates.
    It gets worse: Under SOPA’s provisions, service providers (including hosting services) would be under new pressure to monitor and police their users’ activities. While PROTECT-IP targeted sites “dedicated to infringing activities,” SOPA targets websites that simply don’t do enough to track and police infringement (and it is not at all clear what would be enough). And it creates new powers to shut down folks who provide tools to help users get access to the Internet the rest of the world sees (not just the “U.S. authorized version”).
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has created a page that makes it very easy to send a letter about SOPA to your representatives in Congress. You can find it right here.
    There is also a website called “Stop American Censorship” that has even more ways to let the federal government know that you do not want SOPA to pass. You can find that site right here.
    We must stop SOPA. The Internet has made it possible for average people all over the world to communicate with one another on a grand scale, and this is a direct threat to the establishment and the big media corporations that they control. They are going to try again and again to take back control over the flow of information. We must not allow them to succeed.
    Please share this article with as many people as you can, and please do what you can to help defeat SOPA."

  • Stop the Internet Blacklist Bills
  • Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.,

  • " Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House, would censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on American business. Millions of Internet users and entrepreneurs already oppose SOPA and PIPA. The Senate will begin voting on January 24th. Please let them know how you feel. Sign this petition urging Congress to vote NO on PIPA and SOPA before it is too late. "
    SOPA Losing Support Quickly

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  • Think Pepper

  • *former h.s. classmate of mine

    Hard Drive Components

  • Asus DVD Drive problems, from

  • ASUS DRW-1608P2S DVD-RW Firmware 1.41 Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP Download
    *referred by my friend-Eric B. on 2/25/08-thanks!
  • ASUS DRW-1814BLT Super Multi DVD-Writer Review, from
  • History

  • History of IBM From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "..abbreviated IBM and nicknamed "Big Blue" (for its official corporate color), is a multinational computer technology and IT consulting corporation headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States. The company is one of the few information technology companies with a continuous history dating back to the 19th century. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software (with a focus on the latter), and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.[2]
    IBM has been well known through most of its recent history as one of the world's largest computer companies and systems integrators.[3] With over 388,000 employees worldwide, IBM is one of the largest and most profitable information technology employers in the world. IBM holds more patents than any other U.S. based technology company and has eight research laboratories worldwide.[4] The company has scientists, engineers, consultants, and sales professionals in over 170 countries.[5] IBM employees have earned Five Nobel Prizes, four Turing Awards, five National Medals of Technology, and five National Medals of Science...

    IBM and the Holocaust, from
    *see Middleeastern-Israelites Persecuted History

    Internet focus

  • Awareness of Jesus Christ,Internet Campaign
  • Christian Internet Radio Network
  • Christianity Online, community of 95,000 members
  • Christianity Online, another one
  • Christian Start, search engine
  • Christian Web
  • Christianity-X, A-Z topics
  • Church USA
  • Cybergrace
  • Global Christian Network"mission of building the Christian community worldwide
  • Goshen, links to great christian related homepages!
  • I, come, experience, and grow
  • I Love Jesus, internet way of spreading the gospel
  • Jesus Folk
  • Living Life in Victory with Jesus,Christians joining hands across the Web
  • Ministy Mall, web's well known ministries
  • Net Ministries, internet christian directory

  • The Body of Christ
  • Jesus Christ, the son of God
  • Jesus Christ is God
  • Jesus Film, a video ministry project
  • Jesus Video, a video to easily reach your community for Jesus Christ
  • Jesus Talk,bringing Christians together as one
  • Jews for Jesus

  • *see Bible


  • Internet Evangelism Expands Worldwide Discipleship Access Offers Multimedia Approach to Encourage Believers By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Tuesday, December 9, 2008

  • "LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA (ANS) -- In the 21st Century, whenever people look for information, they look to the Internet.
    Using the Internet and emerging technologies to bring people to Christ is one enterprising organization's mission and the heart of what it does every day, with a long-term goal of presenting the Gospel to 1 billion people worldwide through leading-edge communication and technology.
    According to a media release from A. Larry Ross Communications, Global Media Outreach (GMO) is using this tool to bring the mission field to the doorsteps of anyone with access to the World Wide Web.
    With over 70 different Web sites, thousands of people each day indicate decisions for Christ through GMO. Then, through e-mail, the conversation and study of Christ continues using additional information accessible through GMO.
    Whether someone has decided to become a follower of Christ, rededicated their life to Christ or still has questions, GMO can provide prayer, guidance and discipleship through the online ministry response centers. GMO also offers online Bible studies, Web sites with next steps for the journey and links to local church communities.
    Global Media Outreach (GMO) today announced its Christian discipleship strategy with the expansion of -- a Web site designed to help people grow as Christians, after they make a decision to follow Jesus.
    iChristianLife utilizes a multimedia approach to Christian discipleship, worship and Bible study. With audio and video content on demand, the site focuses on multiple areas of Christian growth and provides encouragement and learning for new or recommitting believers..."



  • Chat rooms and bulletin boards Evangelistic websites are one way of using the Web for evangelism. But you can also interact with people directly on the Web, and share your faith in an appropriate way

  • "A woman in Canada, was not only converted through a chat room integrated into TruthMedia’s [] web outreach, but is going on to share her faith with others, online.
    “Yesterday I had the privilege of getting to help lead a young man to Jesus in your chat room. This was such an awesome experience my life has changed forever. I was saved in your chat room in Feb 2003. It was a confusing time for me. If it wasn’t for God’s grace and women in that room who helped me get started, by not expressing their own opinions but by always directing me to seek and ask God first, I’m not sure where I’d be.”...

    … =Videos:

  • God Tube

  • Featured on ABC NightLine News

    "Watch this recent news interview with CEO Chris Wyatt." *
  • personal goodnewsusa video site

  • Related Sites:
    BeliefWatch: GodTube On Faith By Lisa Miller Newsweek
    "March 26, 2007 issue - What would Jesus download? One of the hottest sites on the Internet is, the Christian answer to YouTube. It's a goofy, fascinating window into the world of Christian youth. There's a clip of Ray Comfort, the popular evangelical preacher, demonstrating the perfection of God's creation with an actual banana. It's hard�OK, impossible�not to see it as an (unintentional?) dirty joke. Another clip sends up the hip-hop anthem "Baby Got Back": This version is called "Baby Got Bible" and contains hilarious lyrics like "Bless me, bless me and teach me about John Wesley."
  • Web Evangelism Stories
  • Make Money

  • Bid Advertiser, Display the BidVertiser text ads on your website or blog, get paid for every click and have the payments sent directly to your PayPal account.
  • Lab Tops

  • Best 5 laptops and top notebooks - CNET Reviews, from

  • "Apple MacBook Pro Summer 2009 (Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, Nvidia GeForce 9400M, 13-inch)
    Asus Eee PC 1005HA
    Alienware M17x
    HP Mini 5101
    Toshiba E105-S1602

    -ASUS N10 Series N10J-A1 Notebook Intel Atom N270(1.60GHz) 10.2" Wide SVGA 2GB Memory DDR2 533 160GB HDD 5400rpm NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS - Retail
    " Original Price: $699.99 You Save: $100.00 $599.99 "
    TOSHIBA Satellite L305-S5962 NoteBook Intel Pentium dual-core T4200(2.00GHz) 15.4" Wide XGA 2GB Memory DDR2 800 250GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi Intel GMA 4500M - Retail , from
    " Original Price: $599.99 You Save: $200.00 $399.99 Free Shipping*
  • ASUS N61Vg-X1 NoteBook Intel Core 2 Duo T6600(2.20GHz) 16" 4GB Memory 320GB HDD 7200rpm DVD Super Multi NVIDIA GeForce GT 220M - Retail , from Original Price: $849.99 You Save: $100.00 $749.99

  • Bill Me Later
    Asus N61 Multimedia Notebook, shipping now Sep 28, 2009 Laptop
    IEEE 802.11 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  • House Overwhelmingly Passes Cyber Security Bill Kurt Nimmo February 4, 2010

  • "..The new law will create a mega-agency to “represent the government in negotiations over international standards and orders the White House office of technology to convene a cybersecurity university-industry task force to guide the direction of future research,” according to Slashdot. Michael Arcuri, a New York Democrat who sponsored the bill, called cybersecurity the “Manhattan Project of our generation” and estimated the U.S. needs 500 to 1,000 more “cyber warriors” every year in order to keep up with potential enemies...

    Lesson Plans

    Computer: Basic computer skills course: Video Training (1 of 24)

    " Enjoy these Video Tutorials on Basic Computer skills. Improve your productivity, your skills AND your confidence! Perfect for Beginners, Boomers, and Seniors. Computer"

  • COMPUTER COURSES Computer Skills for Beginners, from
  • Life

  • People Power , from

  • You Are Invited to Join a People Power for Jesus Movement -- A Mighty Force Wednesday, February 3, 2010 By Dan Wooding Founder of ASSIST Ministries


  • Computer Maintenance Tips : How to Make Your Computer Faster,

  • "Make a computer faster by checking the system's hard drive and eliminating unwanted items to free up space. Learn to make a computer run faster with tips from a computer specialist in this free video on computers."
  • Make Your PC Run Faster 24 May 07 This article explains how you can tweak and tidy up your PC to give it a boost and help it to run programs better. (from

  • "Introduction
    If you find your PC is slower at handling everyday tasks it may be because over time, computers get cluttered with unnecessary files that need cleaning out. A slow PC can also be because your software or hardware is outdated, but there are certain steps you can take to improve performance.
    This guide shows you how to give your slow PC a speed boost and also to keep your computer free of clutter."

  • 3 Simple Tips To Make Your Computer Run Faster Thursday, July 6th, 2006 by Lockergnome

  • "1. Uninstall unneeded applications: 2. Defrag at all costs: 3. Check for viruses:"
  • 10 Tips to a Faster, Healthier Computer Regular Tasks to Help Assure Your PC�s Well-Being by Larry Foltran, 4.23.2008

  • "Here�s a list of regular tasks that users should be performing to assure their computer�s health. In the course of my work as a corporate IT manager, I find that many users can benefit from a regularly scheduled checkup routine.
    If you already take these steps, the list may be helpful to save for a user/colleague. "


  • PC Forums, forums, arcade games

  • *referred by Dragantra on Tuesday, December 4th of 2007


  • Mike Davidson - Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly in Two Minutes, form
  • Movies

    2007 - Die Hard 4 (Live Free or Die Hard) - Trailer

    The Matrix- illuminati revelations

    *see Deceiver-Ways Satan "lies" to everybody, Demons, Devils, Ghosts, Magic, Illusions, Witches, etc....



  • Below is basic information on how to convert lp to cd How to Transfer Your Vinyl LP's to CD,

  • "By David Grant
    If you want to transfer your 45’s, EP's, and LP's to CD, reasonable results with cheap and even free software can be achieved. Not quite the standards of the professionals, but reasonable never the less. So here’s a guide on how you can proceed.
    If your turntable is connected to a Hi-Fi amplifier with a dedicated phono turntable) input, then connect a stereo phono lead (sometimes referred to as RCA leads) from the 'line out' or 'record out' from your amplifier to the 'line in' on your computer. The socket on your computer should be labelled 'Line In,' very often colour coded Blue and may have a symbol by it which looks like four or five curves in a line and an arrow running through the middle pointing away from the smallest curve.
    If however you have a turntable, but no amplifier or don't have access to one (ie. beg, borrow, steal - well maybe not steal!) or your amplifier has no dedicated phono/turntable input, then you will need a 'phono pre-amp'. This piece of kit amplifies the very small signal coming from the turntable to match the input of your soundcard (ie. the 'line in' on your computer) and also changes the frequency response of the signal so the sound is acceptable to listen to.
    If you are going to use a pre-amp, then connect the phono (RCA) lead from your turntable to the input of the pre-amp and the output of the pre-amp to the 'Line In' on your computer soundcard, so you will need another stereo 'phono to phono' (RCA to RCA) lead to run from the pre-amp to your computer.
    This pre-amp will work fine for LP's EP's and 45's, but technically the match should be different for 78 rpm records, and even different 'matches' for different types/labels of 78's - however unless you are wanting a professional result then a standard phono pre-amp should be fine. If you are going to use an audio editor, or dedicated software then you can use their built in graphic equalizer to 'tweak' the sound anyway.
    Now you are connected, you need some software to record your audio. The first thing to do is decide what end result you would like. Here are some options:
    If you just want a simple way to transfer your LP to CD with no restoration, splitting the audio into tracks isn't a priority, and you have some software to burn the file to CD then try Audiotouch Lite. It has the simplest interface ever. Once a couple of settings are made it's a 'one button' operation. You can also use this software to record any audio running through your PC, like Internet Radio or a microphone. Another piece of software is ‘Audacity’ which is a very good audio editor and is free. It’s rather more complicated to use though, so expect a bit of a learning curve to begin with.
    The other option is a dedicated Software Package that will Record your LP, Restore, split your recording into tracks, and Burn to CD. You may even find you can save your audio in MP3 format so you can transfer your audio to a portable player. This is definitely the way to go especially if you have quite a few LP’s to transfer, and of course these packages include an option to clean up the audio to remove crackles, pops, and other unwanted noises. It is surprising how long it can take to transfer your LP’s so a small investment in dedicated software to begin with makes the process so much easier and quicker.
    There are quite a few software packages to choose from. I've never come across free software in this category and some are quite good but some are awful! So beware. I’ve tried quite a number so here are a few which make a good job and don’t cost very much.
    Steinberg Clean is very good, if you can get hold of a copy, but I think it has been dropped. Some suppliers were still advertising it at the time of writing this, plus of course there is always ebay.’s Acoustica 3.3 is very good as is Acoustica’s Software ‘Spin it again’ (Don’t be confused by the two ‘Acoustica’s – they are different companies). If you would like more information on these packages then visit our website where you can see the results of my tests on both packages.
    Setting up the software is straight forward and ‘wizards’ take you through this process, so it doesn’t take long at all, plus it’s well explained in the ‘help’ files. All these software packages will burn your transferred audio file to CD in a format that will play both on your computer and a normal home CD player. The process is all included in the wizards and is very easy to do.
    I hope this has given you an understanding on how you can transfer your LP’s to CD and you enjoy the end results.
    David Grant is an audio electronics engineer and owner of which is a professional format transfer service. Transferring Vinyl LP's to CD, 78 to CD, Tape to CD and even removing unwanted noises from ‘live’ recordings. For more information on Professional Services or understanding more on how you can transfer your own LP’s to CD visit our website
    Article Source:"

  • Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter convert Vinyl records or cassettes to CD, wav or mp3 files, from

  • "Golden Records is software that helps you to convert your vinyl LP records, audio tapes or cassettes onto CD or to wav or mp3 files. It is designed specifically with records and cassettes in mind and has been developed to make the conversion process as easy and intuitive as possible. Just install the software and follow the step-by-step wizard."

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    -Gateway GMAX 5100 5.1 Speakers with Subwoofer
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    Compaq NX9010 (ABE/GED/ESL computer for Morris Literacy Project

  • How to..., from
  • Power Point Presentations
    *see Liberal Arts: English-Oral Communication

  • PowerPoint Presentations for Beginners with Don Schechter

  • " From the boardroom to the classroom, PowerPoint is an effective tool in creating dynamic presentations and demonstrations. Get started in PowerPoint with this tutorial..."
    Make great PowerPoint presentation

    "Make great PowerPoint presentation"
    Terri Sjodin: Power Point Presentations , from
    How To Write A Powerpoint Presentation In Five Minutes , from
  • PowerPoint Slide Show Step-By-Step pdf format

  • Presentation Helper, from UK
  • Re-Color Clipart, from indezine
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  • The Epson Stylus C62, from

  • " a versatile printer offering convenience for your everyday printing needs at home or office. It delivers excellent quality prints for photos, presentations, school work, letters, greeting cards and more. It features Epson Micro Piezo ink jet technology and smooth AcuPhoto Halftoning that provides laser sharp black text and brilliant graphics. It is plug-and-play compatible and is available with a USB as well as parallel connectivity for Windows or Mac systems."
    Epson Stylus C62 Inkjet Cartridges and Ink Cartridge Refills
    Epson Stylus C62 Ink Cartridge, Black Epson T040 Black Ink Cartridge, Epson T040120 our price:$27.32(FREE SHIPPING)
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  • Epson Stylus CX7800 All-in-One Printer , from

  • *my sister and mom owns this (Thursday, July 7th 2010)
    Epson Stylus CX7800 All-in-One Printer Ink, from
    Epson Stylus CX7800 All-in-One Printer Combo Pack Ink Cartridges,

    Google gets new privacy policy The Situation Room|Added on January 25, 2012

    "Google gets a new privacy policy. CNN's Lisa Sylvester reports."


  • Programming:How to Write a Program/Before you Start, from
  • An Introduction to Word VBA - Write A Program!,

  • "The goal of this course is to help people who have never written a program before learn to write one. There's no reason why office workers, homemakers, professional engineers and pizza delivery persons shouldn't be able to take advantage of their own hand crafted custom computer programs to work faster and smarter. It shouldn't take a 'professional programmer' (whatever that is) to do the job. You know what needs to be done better than anyone else. You can do it yourself!"
  • How to Write a Program, from
  • Repair Services

  • Geek Squad
  • Tech Forums
  • Tech Support Forum Archives

  • Specifics:
    Hard Drive Recovery


    The Truth about Facebook!

    "Do you have a Facebook?
    Do you use it regularly?
    Do you think what happins in Facebook stays in Facebook?
    Watch this.."

  • Facebook will soon share users’ phone numbers and addresses with 3rd parties By Brett Michael Dykes (Tuesday, March 1st 2011)

  • "..The company, meanwhile, sounds as though it has no plans to trim back its information-sharing ambitions.
    "We have not yet decided when or in what manner we will redeploy the permission for mobile numbers and addresses," the letter states. "We are evaluating whether and how we can increase the visibility of applications' request for permission to access user contact information. We are also considering whether additional user education would be helpful."..

  • The Facebook Data Torrent Debacle: Q&A,Ian Paul Ian Paul – Thu Jul 29, 11:32 am ET

  • "...It has been proven time and again that the more a bad guy knows about you the greater your security risk is. ...
    What can I do to keep my information private?
    The biggest concern isn't so much about your name and profile URL being exposed. The greater concern, for you anyway, is the publicly available information contained on your profile page.
    To protect yourself, you may want to reconsider your current privacy settings. To do that visit your Facebook profile's Basic Directory Information page by following the steps listed above or just click here.
    On the top right of the page you should see a button that says "Preview My Profile." Clicking that button will show you all the information you make public on Facebook. Data you may want to consider hiding includes your hometown, birth date, age, phone number, current city and e-mail address.
    So what do you say? Is Bowes' data dump making your rethink your Facebook profile settings or are you not concerned? ...

  • Stealth Mode: Making Yourself Nearly Invisible on Facebook by Nicholas Jackson Tuesday, January 25, 2011

  • "Q: Growing tired of the Facebook privacy scandals, I tried to leave the social network, but you need to be a member now to access a number of outside websites. How can I get around this?
    A: Facebook, as you're well aware by this point, has a history of privacy scandals. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is constantly trying to push what privacy means in the 21st century — how transparent should we all be on the Internet? — but with each step, a significant number of users push back. Last week, Facebook announced on its Developers blog that it was making it possible for third-party applications to gain access to users' mobile phone numbers and addresses. By early Monday morning the Facebook team had dialed back the change until further notice.
    Some of the privacy issues have been just too much for users, resulting in cancelled accounts. But more and more organizations are joining the Facebook Connect network and incorporating the site's development tools into their own. It's getting to the point where you're at a disadvantage if you don't have a Facebook account; you can use it to log in with the same username and password on more than two million sites — it's not just for checking in on your cousin's newest baby pictures. So, here's the trick: You can go nearly invisible on Facebook — nobody will be able to view your photographs, see your activity or where you've checked in except for existing friends — but still have an account to use around the web.
    If you're ready to move into Facebook stealth mode, follow these simple steps:
    • Visit, log in to your profile and click 'Account' in the top-right corner. From there, choose 'Privacy Settings.'
    • From the 'Privacy Settings' page, click on 'View Settings' to see who can search for you, send messages to your account, see your education and work settings and more. Change all of these drop-down menus to 'Friends Only.'
    • Return to the 'Privacy Settings' page and choose 'Customize Settings' near the bottom of the page. This new page will load a number of different privacy options, but you'll want to click through each one and change the setting to 'Only Me' so that nobody else can see your Facebook activity.
    • Stay on the 'Customize Settings' page and scroll down to 'Things Others Share.' Here, you'll want to edit and disable settings so that your friends are unable to write on your wall, comment on posts and check you in to places.
    • Return to the 'Privacy Settings' page and, under 'Apps and Websites' in the bottom-left corner, select 'Edit Your Settings.' This page shows all of the third-party websites and applications that you have given access to some of your Facebook information. If you see anything on this list that you want to remove, just click to remove it from the list.
    • Stay on the 'Apps and Websites' page, scroll down to 'Instant Personalization' and select 'Edit Settings.' Uncheck the box at the bottom of this page to block other websites from accessing your Facebook interests. Select 'Confirm' when a pop-up asks you if you're sure you want to disable this option.
    • Return to the 'Apps and Websites' page, scroll down to 'Public Search' and select 'Edit Settings.' To keep search engines from finding your Facebook profile, uncheck the box on this new screen."

    Software Programs



    Excel 2007 Tutorial: Overview

    Learn free
    Excel Basics #1: What Is Excel?

    "The Excel Basics Series shows a systematic description of what Excel can do from beginning to end.
    #1 Video topics:
    1)What is Excel? Calculating formulas and Data Analysis
    2)Rows, Columns, Cells, Worksheets, Sheet Tab Names, Workbook
    3)File extensions (file types): .xlsx, .xlsm, .xls, .xlsb
    4)Excel 2007 Ribbons
    5)Excel 2007 Quick Access Tool Bar (QAT)
    6)How to find features in Excel 2007
    7)How to add buttons to the QAT Quick Access Toolbar"

    Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners #1 - Overview , from
    "A quick look at setting up a simple spreadsheet in Excel complete with a chart. More tutorials to follow that will go into more detail on how to use the different features of MS Excel."

  • Download Microsoft Office 2007, trial version only
  • -Tutorials
    Microsoft Office 2007 Video Tutorial

    "This video will go through the overall basic layout of the Office programmes and get you familiar with the new features and better knowledge of the general techniques in this new version of Office. Customised for Harrow College Staff & Students. "
    Microsoft office word 2007 guide, from
    Microsoft Word 2007 Training Courses, from
    Microsoft Word 2007 - Tips and Tricks, from


    -External Disk Drives

  • External Hard Drives, from
  • External Hard Drives, from
  • Top 10 External Hard Drives External hard drives aren't as fast as internal models, but they are great for backups and are easy to install. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info. Edited by Melissa J. Perenson Jul 31, 2008 7:00 pm (
  • External Drive Offer, from Discover Card (Oct 08')
  • -Fantom
  • Fantom GD1000EU 1TB USB 2.0 / eSATA Silver GreenDrive External Hard Drive - Retail 40% less power draw without sacrificing performance, $148.99 from

  • "..The rebate is a hassle, but this one is done partially online at a legitimate looking website. Check should arrive 8-10 days they say..."
  • iomega Prestige Desktop 34270 500GB 8MB Cache USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - Retail , $97.99 from

  • " Pros: Does as specified. Power switch is good feature. No annoying pre-installed software. Nice external material choice. Feels solid. Doesn't get too hot.
    Cons: Haven't owned it too long, but... Cords in the back. Takes up space, although not much. Comes with a short USB cable.
    Other Thoughts: I use it at work to store all my personal files and music which takes up alot of space on a hd. I will not move it around much which keeps me from dropping or mishandling it. If you need extra hd space and are not concerned with portablilty then this is ideal. so far i have been satisfied. If it wasnt for the cables sticking out of the back then i would have given it a 5-Excellent rating "

  • Seagate FreeAgent ST305004FDA1E1-RK 500 GB External USB Hard Drive, from
  • Drive Crash, repair service
  • USB Storage Media, installing device driver (microvault or microvault 2)
  • NovatechUK products
  • Picture of my broken memory stick (3/27/06)

  • USB Flash-Drive Recovery
  • -Online

  • Carbonite

  • *referred by AM1500 (6/10)
    " 1. Completely automatic — you'll never lift a finger 2. Secure and double-encrypted for your privacy 3. PC and Mac protection, stored safely offsite 4. UNLIMITED backup space for only $54.95/year "


    USB Flash Drives & Microsoft Windows

    USB Flash Drives & Microsoft Windows -- powered by



  • You Don't Have to Pay for Cable TV by Dan Schointuch Tuesday, July 20, 2010 provided by MoneyTalksNews from

  • "Almost a year ago I moved into a new apartment and did something revolutionary: I didn't set up cable or satellite TV. I was frustrated by the lack of choice (only one provider), lengthy contracts, and inexplicably high price. As someone who watches a lot of television, this seemed like a truly difficult problem, but I resolved to find a way to see my favorite shows without paying a cable or satellite bill. Fortunately, it was much easier than I thought...
    Hulu TV

    Hulu Tube - Movies And TV Shows On Youtube Free


    Learn English - Computer Vocabulary

    "25 English computer words with audio "

    with Website

    *" and you'll find"-Matthew 7:7



  • Peter's Online Typing Course, from

  • 用 Typing Tutor 5 學英文打字 - 基本操作

  • Power Typing,

  • Online Free Typing Lessons
  • FreeTypingGame.Net

  • ".. is the premiere site to play free typing games, lessons and tests. Our Typing Tutor is the best way to learn to type. No downloads, installations or registration required. ..

  • Webopedia
  • -Syntax

  • Wikipedia

  • "the study of the rules that govern the structure of sentences, and which determine their relative grammaticality. The term syntax can also be used to refer to these rules themselves, as in �the syntax of a language�. Modern research in syntax attempts to describe languages in terms of such rules, and, for many practitioners, to find general rules that apply to all languages. Since the field of syntax attempts to explain grammaticality judgments, and not provide them, it is unconcerned with linguistic prescription."
    Wikipedia-Computational Linguistics
    "(the grammar of how words are combined to form sentences). In order to understand syntax, one had to also understand the semantics and the lexicon (or 'vocabulary'), and even to understand something of the pragmatics of language use. Thus, what started as an effort to translate between languages evolved into an entire discipline devoted to understanding how to represent and process natural languages using computers...."
  • Webopedia-Syntax

  • " Refers to the spelling and grammar of a programming language. Computers are inflexible machines that understand what you type only if you type it in the exact form that the computer expects. The expected form is called the syntax."



    "EVERYONE IN THE WORLD MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO. The Illuminati, a group of Super Rich that control the banks, media, and governments of the world are taking control of the EARTH by design to kill off 80% of humans on earth. Their plan is to take over the world and have the rich running everything and their slaves. This group follows satanic spiritual practices even doing fake sacrifices. This series is from the video "Zeitgeist" To see the whole video just go to EARTH, WORLD OF SLAVES -- Super Rich's Plan to kill us. "
    *see GoodnewsUSA.Info 9-11-01, GoodnewsEverybody: MiddleEastern Iraqi of Iraq Outreach, & Issues: Slavery-Labor, Sex, etc...

  • Veri Chip, from Wikipedia

  • "VeriChip is the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved human-implantable RFID microchip. VeriChip received United States FDA approval in 2004. About twice the length of a grain of rice, the device is typically implanted above the triceps area of an individual's right arm. Once scanned at the proper frequency, the VeriChip responds with a unique 16-digit number which can correlate the user to information stored on a database for identity verification, medical records access and other uses. The insertion procedure is performed under local anesthetic and once inserted, is invisible to the naked eye. The process can easily be performed in a physician's office.
    As of May 2007, 116 U.S. hospitals had signed up to adopt the technology in their emergency rooms. The company estimates that approximately 2000 people currently have a VeriChip worldwide."

    Related Sites:

  • Chip Implants For Immigrant Workers?Saturday, May 20, 2006 (Drudge Report)

  • "Company pushes RFID implants for immigrants, guest workers Scott Silverman, Chairman of the Board of VeriChip Corporation, has alarmed civil libertarians by promoting the company's subcutaneous human tracking device as a way to identify immigrants and guest workers. He appeared on the Fox News Channel earlier this week, the morning after President Bush called for high-tech measures to clamp down on Mexican immigrants."

    You Tube
    *referred by "Robster" on 6/21/07

  • Goodnews USA Personal Video Site

  • Related Sites:
    Having trouble watching videos on youtube?, from
    "download and work with mozilla firefox. its more stable then internet explorer. .." all depends how fast broadband you have !!!

    Trouble watching videos onlin
    " It sounds like your computer isn't downloading the video fast enough for you to watch. Are you onbroadband? You could try pausing the video when it starts and leaving it for a while to catch up on itself. ...
    Alternatively ... how much free disc space have you got .... the stutters can often be down to explorer deleting ond temp files to accomodate new ones. If the disc is too full ... it will freeze
    Trouble watching YouTube videos., from myps3
    "I think it is just a download speed problem. Try closing all other windows and/or make sure u arent downloading anything else at the same time. The reason it plays through perfectly the second time is cause the video has downloaded itself temporarily into the cache (i think) so u can re watch it for a short time with out redownloading it. Hope that helps."
  • Videodownloader
  • Vixy

  • How to burn youtube videos to DVD using Nero

    Video Maker

  • How do you post a windows movie maker video on youtube?,

  • " When you have done the video go to file, publish, publish to this computer, when wait for it to transfer, and then it will turn into a wmv file, so then you can upload it onto youtube "
    Making Videos With Movie Maker August 26, 2008 by Bruce Walls
    "Here’s a video to get you started, there are many more available on the internet."


  • Cheap Names, from England

  • referred by Mobiz's Tucker McCannon
  • Iceberg Hosting, "quality website hosting professional website design"

  • Independent Website Consultant, Jessi Gurr, who I told me about this during the UMM Volunteer Fair of October 2005
  • Third Degree Design, contact Troy Beseman (a local church contact)
  • I Power Web
  • , your computer need cookies
    *referred by Will on 7/4/04


  • Hostpile-Best Hosting Deals
  • Hosting Start-Various Styles
  • -FREE

  • Geocities-Yahoo
  • Global-Multicultural


    Computer History - A British View - Part 1 of 3

    "A British film about computers from 1969. It is presented here as a historical look at how computers used to be in the 1960's when PC's and Macs were over 10 years away. "

    Social Issues


    END GAME: Official Movie Eugenics pt5

    *see Science: Biology, Animals, Biological Warfare, etc..., Issues: Slavery-Labor, Sex, etc..., & Texas Outreach


  • Gospel Website Attacked by Hackers, Phishers and Spammers, Shutting Down its Operations By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Wednesday, August 13, 2008

  • "SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (ANS) -- An Internet ministry which has published more than 40 million evangelistic outreach brochures in more than four decades has become the target of malicious spam, hacking and phishing, causing its operation to shut down.
    ACTS International was founded in Australia by Dick Innes, who has been based in Southern California since the early 1980s.
    "What God has done and is doing through this ministry is amazing when you realize that there are only two of us on our U.S. staff -- my wife, Joy, and myself," Innes told ANS.
    According to Innes, more than 40 million of ACTS printed Encounter outreach brochures have been distributed by several thousand churches, chaplains (military, prison and hospital), other organizations, business people and individuals.
    "Ten years ago the U.S. ACTS office changed from hard copy print media to communicate via the Internet and E-mail which has proven to be very efficient and effective," he said.
    "Since going online and starting in a very small way ACTS has received 23,401 salvation and re-commitment to Christ responses. Of these responses 3,507 have been received so far this year and have come from 119 countries that we are aware of."
    A listing of these countries can be seen online at
    Innes said that ACTS also publishes a weekday devotional, Daily Encounter, which has over 184,000 worldwide subscribers, and Weekend Encounter which has over 10,000 subscribers.
    He continued: "Combined with prayer partners on the Prayer Encounter subscriber list, ACTS has over 200,000 worldwide subscribers. A big percentage of the salvation responses come from Daily Encounter subscribers as many non-Christians are subscribed to this list.
    "Unfortunately, however, in the past three weeks our major websites of (of which we have several including sites in French and Spanish) have been maliciously attacked.
    "Last year a phisher sent out 80,000 spam email messages making them appear that they were coming from an email address.
    "Three weeks ago another phisher attacked us sending out pornographic spam emails making them appear that they came from an email address," Innes said.
    "As a result all of the response pages on our ACTS websites were closed down as was the sending out of our Daily, Weekend and Prayer Encounter subscriber emails. In the process of changing to a new server we were hacked for a second time -- causing a complete close down of our websites. On the very first day of moving to the new server we were hacked again. And closed down again."
    Innes went on to say: "As of today our tech support team are little-by-little putting online only a small section at a time, making sure that these are as safe as possible from hackers, phishers and spammers."
    He added: "Obviously the enemy hates the publishing of the gospel and Word of God and as technology continues to get more and more sophisticated, we can be sure that these evil malicious people will continue to do all in the power to block the publishing of the gospel. Thus all websites and e-mail services that are doing the work of God are going to need more and more prayer for God�s leading, provision and protection."
    The ACTS main website is, which is currently being rebuilt.
    Innes concluded: "We are also in the process of setting up a special gospel outreach service for churches to replace our literature ministry that hundreds of churches have used. This web service is specifically designed to communicate to non-Christians and the un-churched with articles that speak to the needs of the average person in today�s society."
    A demo site can be seen at .
    "Fortunately the Good News websites have not been hacked or attacked," he said. "


  • How do I remove a computer virus? ,

  • " If your computer is infected with a virus, you'll want to remove it as quickly as possible. A fast way to check for viruses is to use an online scanner, such as the Microsoft Safety Scanner. The scanner is a free online service that helps you identify and remove viruses, clean up your hard disk, and generally improve your computer's performance. If you're not sure whether your computer has a virus, see How can I tell if my computer has a virus? to check for some telltale signs. To try a different online scanner, follow the links to other companies that provide them on the Windows Security software providers webpage."
    Safe Mode By Tim Fisher, Guide
    Advanced Boot Options Menu (Windows 7)
  • Need to Remove Windows Active Guard?

  • Global-Multicultural



  • . Exclusive: Iranian hackers target Bank of America, JPMorgan, Citi By Jim Finkle and Rick Rothacker | Reuters – 6 hrs ago. (Saturday, September 22nd 2012)

  • "(Reuters) - Iranian hackers have repeatedly attacked Bank of America Corp , JPMorgan Chase & Co and Citigroup Inc over the past year, as part of a broad cyber campaign targeting the United States, according to people familiar with the situation. The attacks, which began in late 2011 and escalated this year, have primarily been "denial of service" campaigns that disrupted the banks' websites and corporate networks by overwhelming them with incoming web traffic, said the sources. Whether the hackers have been able to inflict more serious damage on computer networks or steal critical data is not yet known. The sources said there was evidence suggesting the hackers targeted the banks in retaliation for their enforcement of Western economic sanctions against Iran. Iran has beefed up its cyber capabilities after its nuclear program was damaged in 2010 by the Stuxnet virus, widely believed to have been developed by the United States. Tehran has publicly advertised its intentions to build a cyber army and encouraged private citizens to hack against Western countries. The attacks on the three largest U.S. banks originated in Iran, but it is not clear if they were launched by the state, groups working on behalf of the government, or "patriotic" citizens, according to the sources, who requested anonymity as they were not authorized to discuss the matter. They said the attacks shed new light on the potential for Iran to lash out at Western nations' information networks. "Most people didn't take Iran seriously. Now most people are taking them very seriously," said one of the sources, referring to Iran's cyber capabilities. Iranian officials were not available for comment. Bank of America, JPMorgan and Citigroup declined to comment, as did officials with the Pentagon, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency and Secret Service. A U.S. financial services industry group this week warned banks, brokerages and insurers to be on heightened alert for cyber attacks after the websites of Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase's experienced unexplained service disruptions. NBC reported late on Thursday that the Iranian government was behind these attacks, citing U.S. national security sources. Reuters could not verify that independently. Tensions between the United States and Iran, which date back to the revolution in 1979 that resulted in the current Islamic republic, have escalated in recent years as Washington led the effort to prevent Tehran from getting a nuclear bomb and imposed tough economic sanctions.


  • Google mistakenly collected WiFi data, By Ben Rooney, staff reporterMay 14, 2010: 8:10 PM ET

  • " NEW YORK ( -- Google disclosed Friday that its Street View cars had mistakenly collected data about the Web sites users were visiting on open wireless Internet networks.
    Alan Eustace, a senior executive in Google's engineering and research department, apologized for the mistake in a blog post and said the company is working with regulators to dispose of the data.
    "We are profoundly sorry for this error and are determined to learn all the lessons we can from our mistake," Eustace wrote.
    He said the company has stopped its Street View cars, which are used to gather information for Google's mapping service, from collecting WiFi data entirely.
    Eustace also stressed that the data was only collected from networks that were not password protected, and that it was never used "in any Google products."
    While the data were collected from networks that were not password-protected, Google would not have been able to access any encrypted data, such as bank account information, the company said.
    Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) had previously said that its Street View cars only collected information that is publicly broadcast on WiFi networks, such as network names and router numbers. At the time, however, the company said the cars did not collect "payload data" sent over the network, which could include what Web sites people are visiting.
    That disclosure, in a blog post on April 27, was in response to an inquiry from the German data protection authority.
    On Friday, Google said the request from a German authority had prompted the company to conduct an internal investigation of "everything we have been collecting," according to Eustace.
    "It's now clear that we have been mistakenly collecting samples of payload data from open (i.e. non-password-protected) WiFi networks," he said in his post.
    The mistake stemmed from an experimental piece of software code, which sampled all categories of publicly broadcast WiFi data, that was inadvertently included in a program the cars began using in 2007 to collect other wireless data.
    Eustace said "only fragments" of data were collected by the cars, which use equipment that automatically changes channels about five times a second.
    Danny Sullivan, editor of industry blog Search Engine Land, said the cars would have only detected "snippets" of information, and that encrypted data would not have been compromised.
    "There could be some incredibly sensitive data in there, and there could be some that means very little," he said.
    Sullivan said he was not surprised that Google could have made such a mistake. "But it doesn't make it any more acceptable," he said, adding that the disclosure comes at an inopportune time for the company.
    "This is a really bad thing for them to have happen right now," he said. "They're already under fire on privacy because of the way they rolled out Google Buzz."
    In February, Google modified a feature on its new social network service that automatically made people's private contacts public, after an uproar over the privacy breach. To top of page

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