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Classic Sesame Street: Pinball Count #3
"From Episode 1037, posted by request: The second of a cartoon/song series teaching the numbers 2-12 (no Pinball #1 cartoon exists). The Pointer Sisters perform the main vocals in all of these clips.
P.S. So far, #11 and #2 are the only other Pinball Count I've been able to locate that hasn't already been posted here in English."

"And the LORD spake unto Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the tabernacle of the congregation, on the first [day] of the second month, in the second year after they were come out of the land of Egypt, saying, Take ye the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel, after their families, by the house of their fathers, with the number of [their] names, every male by their polls;From twenty years old and upward, all that are able to go forth to war in Israel: thou and Aaron shall number them by their armies."-Numbers

-All Numbers

  • Numbers and Scripture, form

  • -Prophecy
  • Bible Prophecy Numbers

  • BibleProphecyTruth

  • " Many of the numbers in the Bible have deeper prophetic significance."
    "1 � represents absolute singleness and unity (Ephesians 4:4�6; John 17:21, 22.) (We presume readers need no more than these two citations, as most of the biblical information regarding unity and singleness is common knowledge.)
    2 � represents the truth of God's Word; for example, the law and prophets (John 1:45), two or three witnesses (2 Corinthians 13:1), and a sword with two edges (Hebrews 4:12). See Mark 6:7 and Revelation 11:3. It is also used 21 times in the books of Daniel and Revelation.
    3 � represents the Godhead / Trinity. The angels cry �Holy� three times to the triune God (Isaiah 6:3). See also Matthew 28:19 and 1 John 5:7, 8.
    The Wiggles - The Numbers Rhumba

    " Learn your numbers with the Wiggles"
    Other Verses:
    "Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights."-Jonah 1:17

    4 � represents universal truth, as in the four directions (north, south, east, west) and the four winds (Matthew 24:31; Revelation 7:1; Revelation 20:8). In acts 10:11, a sheet with four corners symbolizes the gospel going to all the gentiles.
    Veggie Tales Countdown Number 4

    5 � represents teaching. First, there are the five books of Moses. Second, Jesus taught about the five wise virgins and used five barley loaves used to feed the 5,000.
    6 � represents the worship of man, and is the number of man, signifying his rebellion, imperfection, works, and disobedience. It is used 273 times in the Bible, including its derivatives (e.g, sixth) and another 91 times as �threescore� or �60.� Man was created on the sixth day (Genesis 1:26, 31). See also Exodus 31:15 and Daniel 3:1.
    This number is especially significant in the book Revelation, as �666� identifies the beast. �Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six� (Revelation 13:18).
    7 � represents perfection, and is the sign of God, divine worship, completions, obedience, and rest. The �prince� of Bible numbers, it is used 562 times, including its derivatives (e.g., seventh, sevens). (See Genesis 2:1�4, Psalm 119:164, and Exodus 20:8�11 for just a few of the examples.) "
    Sesame Street - The Count counts flowers

    " And why does he like to do that?Because they make him sneeze.From 1972. "
    -Seven #7
  • THE NUMBER SEVEN IN THE HOLY BIBLE The number SEVEN is one of the most significant numbers in the Holy Bible.
  • This is a chapter from the book, Biblical Mathematics, written by Evangelist, Ed F. Vallowe.
  • Signficant Numbers in the Bible, from
  • Basic Math

    Basic Math: Lesson 4 - Properties of Numbers

    " This lesson consists of providing you with a Self-Tutorial of the basic properties of numbers."


  • Multiplication Facts, from
  • Algebra

    Algebra - Arithmetic with Real Numbers - Ch. 1.4

    "Basic Properties and Definitions of Arithmetic with Real Numbers. Lessons for Intermediate level Algebra, each section is explained very clearly by a nice man. Enjoy."

    Watch Video on The Quadratic Formula - Algebra Help, from
    "Access full lesson containing this video at: Students learn to solve quadratic equations in the form ax^2 + bx + c = 0 using the quadratic formula, which states that x = -b plus or minus the square root of b^2 -- 4ac over 2a. For example, to solve the equation x^2 -- 3x -- 8 = 0, since a = 1, b = -3, and c = -8, the quadratic formula states that x = 3 plus or minus the square root of (-3)^2 -- 4(1)(-8) over 2(1). Simplifying on the right side of the equation, x = 3 plus or minus the square root of 9 + 32 over 2, or x = 3 plus or minus the square root of 41 over 2, which is the final answer. Note that students also learn to derive the quadratic formula using completing the square in the first example problem in this lesson. "
    Watch Video on Completing The Square - Algebra Help, from
    "Access full lesson containing this video at: Students learn to solve quadratic equations by completing the square. For example, to solve the equation s^2 - 6s + 5 = 0, the first step is put the constant term on the opposite side of the equation as the terms that contain the variables, by subtracting 5 from both sides, to get s^2 - 6s ___ = - 5 ___. Next, the number that goes in each space comes from half the coefficient of the middle term squared, which in this case is half of -6, or -3, squared, which is +9. So a +9 goes in each space, to get s^2 - 6s + 9 = - 5 + 9. The trinomial on the left side of the equation then factors as (s - 3)(s - 3), or (s - 3)^2, and the right side of the equation simplifies to 4, so the problem now reads (s - 3)^2 = 4. Finally, take the square root of both sides to get s - 3 = plus or minus 4, so s - 3 = 4, or s - 3 = -4, and solving each equation from here, s = 7 or -1. "

    Reading Domain and Range of a Relation From a Graph

    "Reading Domain and Range of a Relation From a Graph - Just a very basic idea of what the domain and range of a relation is, given a graph! For more free math videos, check out"


  • Fraction games and tutorials online
  • Visual Fractions
  • Geometry

    Watch Video on Hypotenuse - Geometry Help

    "Access full lesson containing this video at: Students learn the third angle theorem, which states that if two angles of one triangle are congruent to two angles of another triangle, then the third angles are congruent. Students also learn the following theorems related to congruent triangles. If two angles and the non-included side of one triangle are congruent to two angles and the non-included side of another triangle, then the triangles are congruent (Angle-Angle-Side or AAS). If the hypotenuse and leg of one right triangle are congruent to the hypotenuse and leg of another right triangle, then the triangles are congruent (Hypotenuse-Leg or HL). Students are then asked to determine whether given triangles are congruent, and name the postulate or theorem that is used. "

    Pythagorean Theorem in 60 Seconds

    "A quick overview of how the pythagorean theorem can be used "


    The Mean, Median & Mode

    "4 Minutes of explanation, calculation and interpretation of these summary statistics "

  • Statistics - Table of Contents, from
  • SPSS Information and tools for IBM SPSS products and services. from

  • Introduction to SPSS (part I)

    Recommended Resources




  • Small town community’s Catholic Middle School Math Teacher Honored by National Association By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Thursday, January 15, 2009

  • "CHASKA, MINNESOTA (ANS) -- For one small Minnesota community, accolades for one of its own couldn't come at a better time.
    This Twin Cities suburban town's local Catholic school's enrollment has been in decline due to the economic downturn, the school's Principal is recovering from cancer; last year, a radiator fell from a classroom ceiling, injuring a 6-year-old boy; and last month, an SUV struck and killed an 86-year-old member of the church as he was walking along a crosswalk of a busy highway on his way to daily mass.
    However, twice in five years the small school of 209 students has earned top honors from a national Catholic group for distinguished teaching. Now, for the second time, one of the teachers at the Guardian Angels Catholic school in Chaska, Minnesota, is being honored by a leading educational association.
    Middle School Math Teacher Amy Gallus (Photo: Bruce Bisping, Star Tribune)
    According to an article by Aimée Blanchette in the Minneapolis Star Tribune ( ), Amy Gallus, a middle school math teacher, is one of 12 teachers from across the country receiving the 2009 Distinguished Teacher Award from the Department of Elementary Schools of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). ..."


  • GED Sample Test Questions Mathematics
  • formulas



  • Numbers: Cardinals and Ordinals - Explanatory list from Zero to a Hundred and Fifty-second, from

  • Ordinal Numbers

    "An American English teacher helps you practice the pronunciation of ordinal numbers. These are numbers you use as dates and addresses. They are used for a sequence. "
    Ordinal Numbers, from
    English lesson ORDINAL NUMBERS clases de Ingles, from


  • Worksheets for Teaching K7 ESL Young Learners: Math, from

  • ESL - English Beginners Lesson - Numbers

    "ESL Kids, English Lessons, Beginners Lesson for teaching numbers 1 to 10. Learn numbers 1 to 10. Teach kids and beginners how to count from one to ten, English for children, English for beginners, Numbers 1 to 10 "
  • Number Game : ESL listening games , from

  • ESL activities: counting and number recognition., from
    Numbers 20-100, from
    We Can Count to 100!, from
    Nursery Rhymes - Numbers, from
    God + Math Education = Miraculous Lessons! (Part 2)

    "Activate God's mental gifts and you will deliver miraculous math lessons to all children. Examples shown."

    High School


  • Math Drill, first-eighth grade
  • Steck-Vaughn's
  • Grades 9-12 , from
  • =>8th Grade Level

  • 8th Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders,

  • Math at the Mall - Percentages, Discounts, Tips, and Interest, from
  • 8th Grade CRCT Math,
  • Elementary

  • Cool Math Games


  • " Are you looking for free online math games? At Math Play you can find a wide variety of fun games that you can play online. Most games are suitable for elementary and middle grades. They are organized by grade level, content, and game type. .."
  • Math Playground

  • cool Math
  • Comedy

    Another Way to Look at Math

    "This video, as funny as it is, is sadly true. Some people just don't get math!!!! Can you believe it? Everybody likes math, right?!?!?!?!"


  • ESL Picture Dictionary
  • lesson plans, activities, tools, and a dictionary for exploration of mathematics, from
  • Math Vocabulary By Kenneth Beare,

  • Number Pronunciation and Spelling, from
  • Numbers (101 - 1,000,000,000,000), from Number Vocabulary (EFL, ESL)

  • Telephone Numbers,

  • Texas Standardized Curriculum Framework Lesson plans for ESL, ABE, GED, Study Skills and Workforce Janelle Baker, August 2004

  • *see Liberal Arts: English-Classroom Tips, Materials, etc..
  • Writing Numbers, from
  • Life


    "This is an intro video to God's Math"

    Metric System

    Basics of the Metric System

    "Examine the basic units of the metric system as taught by a math teacher. "

  • Metric conversions & US customary unit conversion, from

  • Unit conversion

    " Metric unit conversion "



  • *referred by Alex ABE (Monday, September 14th of 2009)


  • Be Reasonable , Cartoons by Richard Gunther. Monday, January 5, 2009

  • "Theist Christopher Geiser said: "Math teachers are not seen as narrow-minded when they say there is only one answer to 2+2." Antagonist, Jason, replied, "They can also demonstrate that answer."
    But math teachers cannot demonstrate anything to someone who is unreasonable. If an unreasonable person (for some reason) wanted to change the definition of the number 2, and then say that the second 2 was not the same quantity as the first, you have a stalemate. To argue any logic, you need both parties to be reasonable.
    This is the problem theists have with those who believe themselves to be atheists. The fact that there cannot be a creation without a Creator is reasonable common sense. That common sense is abandoned by the atheist. He keeps coming back and parroting "Show me the evidence," when the evidence is as plain as two plus two equals four.

    *see Christian Life: Evangelism, Sharing the Good News "Gospel", Witnessing, etc...


    Math of God\'s creation.

    "Some people think that God\'s word has no math or science in it. But God has a specific math that He works with in every part of the word and creation."

    The Fingerprint of God - Fibonacci numbers - Inspirational Videos


    Watch Video from - GED Math Test Preparation

    " ( ) offers a comprehensive library of online math lessons tailored to GED test preparation, with a personal math teacher inside every lesson, available on... "



    *see Bible

  • Book of Numbers, from
  • Learn Hindi - Vocabulary: Numbers

    " Learn numbers in Hindi. To learn a new language from other native speakers, visit Rockle Lingomigo at:"

    Metric System

  • Metric Conversion & Metric System, from
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