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I'm (Sal) not very proud to say that I never been in a theatre/play performance. I never really had the opportunity to be in a play during elementary school because of timing. I left after 5th grade to attend a new program-Battle Creek Middle School, which I was the first class to start 6th grade here. I left the opportunity to be in a play 6th grade at Battle Creek Elementary School. I was kind of glad back then because I would've been too nervous and scared due to my poor English-grammar skills!

I've learned to appreciate the performing arts theatre program after attending UMM when I went to my college roomates' plays during my freshmen-sophomore years. I went to my first and only "musical play during the summer of 1998-Disney's Lion King, a N.Y. based Broadway show that was first featured in Minneapolis' Orpheum Theatre....

lion king musical

a touch of broadway lion king musical

In 2006, I went to see "Singing in the Rain" at the Chanhassan Theatre, which was my first time to see a performance here.

Recommended Resources



  • UMM Theatre Discipline
  • It's Raining Men-Alyssa Dettman

    "University Of Minnesota Morris Dance Ensemble 2008"


  • Alexandria Area Arts Association Theatre, in Alexandria (40-45 minutes northeast of Morris
  • Homeschool Plays:
    Pride & Prejudice performing on November 11th-12th of 2005 at Glenwood's Central Square by local homegroup youth
    all directed by locally (Starbuck) talented Jan Neiland, director
  • Prairie Wind Players, theatre in Barret (20 minutes north of Morris) spear-headed by Tap Payne, theatre professor at UMM
  • State-GoodnewsMinnesota



  • Intermediate Arts, in Minneapolis
  • Dance

  • James Sewell Ballet

  • *UMM Alumn-Nicole-connection


  • History Theatre in downtown St. Paul
  • Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

  • *went to see a Los Lobos "wanna be" concert during high school here


    Ethnic Focus

  • Art in the Twin Cities, focus on the Japanese Garden in Como Park
  • Children's Museum, "A Walk In Japan"
  • Intermedia Arts, cultural mix
  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Japanese ecards
  • Nation-GoodnewsUSA


    IHOP One Thing Dance 2008

    "IHOP One Thing Dance 2008 "


  • Frank Runyeon

  • "1,000 Catholic and Protestant churches to date, Frank Runyeon performs ecumenical one-man plays of scripture�and speaks with humor about his years in Hollywood�in over 40 states @ year.
    Best known for starring opposite Meg Ryan on CBS, Frank left Hollywood in the 90's to attend seminary. He now hopes to help his audience: "

    *came to perform and speak at a local church on October 11th of 2006, which I missed it



    *see Bible

  • Relent Less in Motion Ministries

  • Holy fire dance Awesome Amazing Inspiring dance and drama

    "This is amazing. I hope this dance touches your heart. This is the footage at TCTC conference"

  • Christian Outreach International-Performing Arts, contact Waylan
  • ......Theatre

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