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"2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."-Romans 12



EXPOSED: Satanism in the Industry (Music, Hollywood, Illuminati, NWO)

*see Bob Dylan
"..just for fame"
-Kanye West
2:18-Katy Perry
3:37-"Purpose of Rock Music is to cast spells on people"
The Satanic Cult Behind the Music Industry - Part 1

That's why Lady GaGa Bad Romance video is the most viewed on Earth


  • fun. – We Are Young ,

  • "My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State
    My lover she's waiting for me just across the bar
    My seat's been taken by some sunglasses asking about a scar, and
    I know I gave it to you months ago
    I know you're trying to forget
    But between the drinks and subtle things
    The holes in my apologies, you know
    I'm trying hard to take it back
    So if by the time the bar closes
    And you feel like falling down, I'll carry you home

    Tonight, we are young
    So let's set the world on fire
    We can burn brighter than the sun...


    Michelle Williams - Change The World

    "Uploaded by FatherForgiveUsAll on Sep 28, 2011


    You gotta realize, God has a purpose for your life.
    You don't have to compromise
    Change the world, don't let the world change you.

    Everybody's looking for someone who they can trust.
    You can be that one, you can show them what it means to love.
    Don't compromise all the gifts God has placed inside of you. (ooh) Have the power to change the world, don't let the world change you. You.

    You gotta realize, God has a purpose for your life.
    You don't have to compromise
    Change the world, don't let the world change you.
    You gotta recognize, Truth is right before your eyes.
    You have the power to change lives.
    Change the world, don't let the world change you.

    The world is watching you,
    They can see that God is on your side.
    Because always comes, comes when you need
    And he's always right on time.

    Ooh. He's proven that his love for you is so true, so true.
    So you have the power to change the world,
    Don't let the world change you.

    You've gotta realize, God has a purpose for your life.

    You don't have to compromise
    Change the world, don't let the world change you.
    You gotta recognize, Truth is right before your eyes.
    You have the power to change lives.
    Change the world, don't let the world ...

    You've been called by God to change the world, and now is the time.
    You never have to worry, never be afraid.
    Cause God is on your side. have the power to stand for God in this
    hour. (change the world, change the world)

    You've gotta realize, God has a purpose for your life.
    (he has a purpose for your life)
    You don't have to compromise (no, no, yeah
    Change the world, don't let the world change you.

    You gotta recognize, Truth is right before your eyes.
    You have the power to change lives.
    Change the world, don't let the world change you.

    Change the world, don't let the world change you.
    Change the world, don't let the world change you. "

    -Hip Hop

    Nicki Minaj Exposed - Illuminati Puppet


    lady gaga alejandro hidden meaning


    Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit

  • "Strange Fruit": the story of a song By Peter Daniels 8 February 2002

  • "“Strange Fruit,” the haunting song about lynching in America that was written more than 60 years ago, was first recorded by the famed jazz singer Billie Holiday in 1939. Since then it has been recorded by some three dozen other performers, including black folk singer Josh White, the great jazz artists Abbey Lincoln, Carmen McRae and Nina Simone, pop performers Sting and UB40, operatic soprano Shirley Verrett, and contemporary vocalists Tori Amos and Cassandra Wilson...s

    -Sexual Immorality

    Illuminati - Lady Gaga Poker Face Exposed !

    Profanity (e.g. swearing)

  • Facts and TV Statistics "It's Just Harmless Entertainment" Oh really?,

  • "..Witnessing repeated violent acts can lead to desensitization and a lack of empathy for human suffering.."
  • What the heck? Casual cursing by teens is rising Elementary schools report kids swearing more than in past By Melanie B. Glover McClatchy Newspapers Published: Monday, Feb. 25 2008 12:07 a.m. MST

  • ".."Some people swear and they don't even think about what they are doing; they just say it," she says. "It's just become casual to them, but to some people who don't swear, it can be shocking."...
    "Some people use swear words with friends and nobody is offended," says the etiquette expert. "The problem is that it becomes a habit, and it can offend unintended listeners."...
    Cussing is a natural behavior learned from family members, according to Jay....
    Jay notes that the Internet, television and other media may be making adolescents more comfortable with swearing, but it is their parents' own language habits that are the biggest influence....


  • List of films that most frequently use the word "fuck" From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "...The use of profanity in films has always been controversial, but has increased significantly in recent years.[1][2] The use of the word fuck in film has always drawn particular criticism; in 2005, the documentary Fuck dealt entirely with this phenomenon.[3] The word fuck is thought to be the taboo term used most in American film.[4]
    This is a list of non-pornographic, English language films containing at least 90 spoken uses of the word fuck (or one of its derivatives), ordered by the number of such uses. These are examples of high usage compared to fuck variants used 42 times per million words in regular language.[5] ..



  • Detroit and the Legacy of Vincent Chin — Scott Kurashige ,

  • "..ts marked the 20th anniversary of the hate crime murder of Chinese American Detroiter Vincent Chin. The successful memorial conference included a poetry slam and a visit to the cemetery where Vincent and his mother Lily Chin are buried.
    Asian American activists in a number of cities across the country -- including Philadelphia, Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Seattle -- also held commemoration meetings.

    In June of 1982, Vincent Chin was beaten to death by Michael Nitz and Ronald Ebens, who after a night of heavy drinking assumed Chin was Japanese. They scapegoated Chin for the economic woes of U.S. auto workers.
    Nitz and Ebens were sentenced in state criminal trials to three years of probation and $3,780 in fines and court fees but never served one day in prison. Ebens' federal conviction on civil rights violations was overturned on appeal, and his acquittal in a second trial caused shock and outrage throughout the Asian American community...


  • Why does America lead the world in school shootings? By Frank Ochberg - Special to CNN

  • Editor's Note: Dr. Frank Ochberg is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Michigan State University and former Associate Director of the National Institute of Mental Health.
    "School shootings are far more frequent in America than in other countries, although terrible massacres have occurred in Russia, Israel, and several European nations. In the high-crime neighborhoods of inner cities, school turf is relatively safe. We have learned to harden the target and patrol with vigilance.
    And even in those suburbs and small towns where spree killings have occurred, the rates, per capita, are lower now than in previous decades. School is a safe place - until, as in Chardon, Ohio, the unspeakable happens. Then, even though the risks are low, it is fair to ask, why does this still happen? Why here, in America?
    Let's be clear. There is no single, certain answer to these questions. The possible factors include failure by classmates, parents and school officials to see the warning signs; bullying and revenge; serious mental illness; violent role models; drugs; access to guns, and a culture that condones extremism.
    America has its share of these factors, but which are significant and which are more prevalent here than across the Atlantic?
    Warning signs
    Students do not become mass killers overnight. They nurse their fantasies and they leak evidence. Insults, threats and plans are posted on websites. Classmates often know when a student is ready to strike back. Parents hear rumblings and have accurate gut sensations.
    Within our country there are communities and neighborhoods and school districts that are relatively cohesive, vigilant and able to discuss warning signs of danger. There are some communities that are not as well integrated. They must be coached and helped.
    After Columbine and Virginia Tech and other notorious school shootings, new programs to share information were developed and several plots were nipped in the bud. This evolution of information sharing occurs in other countries, but it is difficult to measure, nation to nation, who is ahead and who is behind. I see no proof that America is losing this race to improve detection of warning signs.
    Bullying and revenge
    We have too many bullies and too many youngsters at the mercy of bullies. But we also have a growing system of anti-bullying school programs. Despite rumors to the contrary, the Columbine killers were not bullied. There is no evidence that America, compared to other nations, has more bullies, more bullying, more victimization, and more victims who are ticking time bombs, hatching plots of lethal vengeance. However, we certainly can and should promote school programs that protect all children from stalking, hazing, and the new, evolving forms of abuse: Ostracism and humiliation through electronic social networks.
    When boys are bullied they may fantasize about revenge. To dream of turning the tables on a bully is common to all eras, most cultures, and the source of drama, film and literature from the Elizabethan stage to the spaghetti Western. But whether a slowly evolving fantasy of mass murder is a product of mental illness, of bullying or of other sources, there are usually signs along the way.
    Major mental illness
    We do not have more major mental illness than most other countries. But we may be less caring of our mentally ill. Back in the Kennedy era, we launched community mental health programs to care for people with schizophrenia and similarly severe disorders, including depression. We wanted treatment available close to home, with compassionate supervision and with proper medication. We tried to stop the revolving door to the asylum, and, in fact, we tore down the large state hospitals. Our best intentions failed.
    The program was never fully funded and our American system of care leaves much to be desired. The most serious mental illnesses, schizophrenia and depression, often become overt in adolescence. A boy who is smart enough to get into a good college becomes deluded, obsessed, strange, scary - and he gets rejected, isolated and stuck in a fantasy world. Those fantasies can become lethal. These forms of mental illness are seldom the source of homicide (far more often they torment and demoralize the disturbed individual). But when they are dangerous to others, we need good answers.
    We do not have a sophisticated system of care and protection. If we did, Mr. Cho would not have killed 32 students at Virginia Tech. But America is really no worse than other nations when it comes to the numbers of seriously mentally ill, of violently mentally ill, of insufficiently treated violent mentally ill school-age boys. (Yes, we are talking about boys and young men; by far, they are the school shooters).
    Violent role models
    Violent role models, on the street, in the cinema, in the news, have been with us for as long as I recall, and are not limited to America. Back in the '60s, an American counter culture leader said, "Violence is as American as cherry pie." But other parts of the world, such as Northern Ireland, the Balkans, the children's armies of Africa, the terrorist camps of the Middle East, have their violent role models. Machismo is not an American word, nor is Hooligan.
    We do have drugs and a drug culture and aspects of this problem are more severe here than in many other parts of the world. Crime is connected to the drug trade and this crime can spill into the school. But the type of school shooting that occurs in the suburb is seldom connected to this urban issue. There may be an indirect connection, since drug wars arm young soldiers of drug wars, and arms are a large issue in America.
    Access to guns
    Access to guns is a significant factor in American school shootings. If kids could not and did not bring guns to school, we wouldn't have Columbine, Virginia Tech or Chardon, Ohio. There have been crimes with knives and bats and fists. But school shootings are gun crimes. Kids with guns kill kids at school.
    I do not think America is an extremist nation, compared to other nations with bloody histories and despotic leaders. True, we have polarized political speech, and some of that speech is about access to guns. But the reason we have an American school shooting problem that exceeds other nations has to do with access to loaded weapons by kids who should not have that access.
    I'm not offering a gun control solution. But any serious attempt to prevent school shooting will have to attack the problem by determining who should not be armed, and preventing dangerous boys from bringing guns to school.
    The views expressed in this article are solely those of Frank Ochberg. For more on the subject of school shootings, Dr. Ochberg recommends reading reports by the U.S. Secret Service and the FBI.
    Topics: United States • Youth "


  • Denied again by people he hated, gunman improvised Associated Press By MARTHA MENDOZA and JUSTIN PRITCHARD 1 hour ago (Sunday, May 25th 2014)

  • "....The awkward 22-year-old was obsessed with exacting "retribution" for what he experienced as a lifetime of social and sexual isolation, and had planned meticulously to target as many people as possible, authorities say. But here again, he was denied access to those he felt should worship him. So when no one answered after several minutes, Rodger improvised..... The Woman whom the “Virgin Killer” Blames for Gun Rampage By Karliah Eun – May 27, 2014Posted in: WORLD, World News
    "STA BARBARA, California — In his 137 page manifesto, Elliot Rodger wrote not just his detailed plans which was highlighted in his last video “Retribution”, but also shared the people involved that caused him to kill six people at Santa Barbara, California last Friday. The 22 year-old college student, who had an Asperger’s Syndrome, narrated that it all started when Monette Moio, an aspiring model, “bullied” him when they were kids. This childhood rejection started the turmoil inside him which eventually led to his suicide after his gun-toting rampage. Monette was regarded in the manifesto as an “evil bitch” who likely caused his torment around scoring with girls....


  • Hollywood responds to deadly Conn. school shooting By By NICOLE EVATT | Associated Press – 12 hrs ago (Sunday, December 16th 2012)

  • "NEW YORK (AP) — Hollywood has responded to the rampage at a Connecticut elementary school by pulling back on its offerings, and one star says the entertainment industry should take some responsibility for such violence.
    Jamie Foxx, one of the industry's biggest stars, said Saturday as he promoted Quentin Tarantino's upcoming ultra-violent spaghetti Western-style film about slavery, "Django Unchained," that actors can't ignore the fact that movie violence can influence people.
    "We cannot turn our back and say that violence in films or anything that we do doesn't have a sort of influence," Foxx said in an interview on Saturday. "It does."
    In true Tarantino form, buckets of blood explode from characters as they are shot or shredded to pieces by rabid dogs in "Django Unchained."
    Despite Friday's mass shooting, the press junket for the movie, which opens in theaters Christmas Day, continued in New York as scheduled on Saturday.
    Tarantino, whose credits include "Pulp Fiction" and the "Kill Bill" volumes, said he was tired of defending his films each time the nation is shocked by gun violence. He said "tragedies happen" and blame should fall on those guilty of the crimes.
    Foxx's co-star Kerry Washington said she believes the film's explicit brutality serves an important purpose in educating audiences about the atrocities of slavery.
    "I do think that it's important when we have the opportunity to talk about violence and not just kind of have it as entertainment, but connect it to the wrongs, the injustices, the social ills," she said.
    In the Newtown, Conn., massacre on Friday, a gunman killed his mother and then went to an elementary school, where he killed six adults and 20 children before committing suicide.
    In response, premieres for Tom Cruise's new action movie, "Jack Reacher," in Pittsburgh and the family comedy "Parental Guidance" in Los Angeles were postponed.
    Also, Fox pulled new episodes of "Family Guy" and "American Dad" that were to air Sunday to avoid potentially sensitive content. The originally scheduled episode of "Family Guy" had Peter telling his own version of the nativity story. The "American Dad" episode told the story of a demon that punished naughty children at Christmas. Both series plan to substitute reruns.
    Fox also confirmed that a scheduled repeat of "The Cleveland Show" for Sunday was swapped for another rerun of that series out of the same concern. "

  • "> 'Django' cast debates: How does movie violence influence violence in real life?, December 17th, 2012 05:33 PM ET

  • "Friday's nightmarish shooting has left some in Hollywood examining the relationship between the violence we see in the real world and the violence we watch in movies and on TV.
    Interestingly enough, the cast members of "Django Unchained," an upcoming Quentin Tarantino project about a slave-turned-bounty-hunter and his mission to save his wife from a cruel slave-master, come down on all sides of the debate.
    Christoph Waltz, who stars as the bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz, told CNN in a recent interview that he doesn't "entirely disagree" with the argument that violence in entertainment can inspire violence in the real world.
    "But I find it interesting to look at who says it," Waltz went on. "And interestingly enough, it’s mostly the media who says it. Meaning the media get[s] out of their responsibility again. Because we’re talking about fiction. And it is unmistakably fiction. And to claim that you confuse it with reality is somewhat far-fetched."
    Waltz clarified that he's not saying Hollywood depictions of violence don't have an influence, it's just that he's more concerned with how violence is portrayed.
    "What I consider the really significant and dangerous aspect is the sensationalization of it," he went on. "And movies don’t sensationalize, they just tell. Who is it who sensationalizes it? It’s the media. So we have to keep these a little bit apart, and look at them separately, and not just meddle everything up and point fingers at the opposite side. I find that very important. And I would also consider gun control indispensable. Rigorous gun control! Because a gun that you can’t have, you don’t use."
    But to Waltz's co-star Jamie Foxx, the issue isn't one of only gun control, but also counseling.
    "Here's the thing - even if you get rid of all of the guns, I think that symptom will still be there," Foxx told CNN. "So it will be a knife, it will be something, it will be their bare hands - but we have to, one, get the guns off the street ... and then address the problem of the person, how do we reach out to that person, how do we make that person feel like, you don't have to do this."

    "Director Tarantino, on the other hand, dismisses the theory that violence on-screen breeds violence off-screen, finding it to be a point that lacks substance.
    "This has gone back all the way down to Shakespeare’s days - alright, when there’s violence in the street, the cry becomes 'blame the playmaker.' And you know, I actually think that’s a very facile argument to pin on something that’s a real life tragedy.” Post by: CNN's Jane Caffrey contributed to this report Filed under: movies"


  • Guarding against Evil By Julie Hiramine Special to ASSIST News Service

  • "COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (ANS) -- With the recent shooting in Connecticut, where do we even start to explain what happened to our innocent children? How can we shield them from the evil this incident exposed?
    For kids younger than 7, it is important to protect them from the dialogue and images associated with the catastrophic news reports. Kids at this age cannot grasp whether Connecticut is across the country or across the street. They will immediately fear that this will happen to them because their world is so small. An incident like this invades their world.
    As parents, we need to assure our children that this is not going to happen at their school. Direct them to God’s protection of them. Of course there are never any guarantees with our children, and they are in God’s hand, but with our little ones we need to focus on building a foundation of security and stability. Be careful about this age group watching news that is frightening or overhearing discussions that may overwhelm them.
    Tweens’ abstract thought is not fully developed yet either. When it comes to evil and violence this news has a tremendous impact on them. They understand more fully the reality that this shooting affected their age group, and anxious thoughts arise that this could happen to them.
    Although as adults we realize that this is highly unusual, tweens will project that something like this could happen on Monday when they go to school. Fear invades their heart. This is true for tweens when it comes to natural disasters or manmade tragedies. Parents, we need to help our tweens understand that this is extremely unusual.
    Also that fear is a tactic Satan uses to make them doubt God and forget His promises. Remember true love casts out fear so a lot of affirmation of love is essential. Go out of your way to tell your kids they are loved by you and God, and that God has a future and a hopeful destiny for them.
    Now for teens this is an event that needs to be discussed. Looking at accurate sources of what happened during this tragedy will be very important. Friends will be blowing the news stories out of proportion and sensationalizing it, so you need to provide accurate information.
    Another key will be helping them evaluate the situation with a Biblical lens. They need to be aware of the demonic activity that was involved, and that we do not just fight against flesh and blood, but “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Eph. 6:12)
    Teens need to see how a person can be influenced by demonic powers and it can result in insanity. This is a time to discuss how little by little the enemy can take over a person to this degree. This didn’t just happen overnight.
    Explain to your teen this is why you are careful about media influences and video games they immerse themselves in. It is so subtle how the enemy takes a person from their natural God-given mind to someone who could think up and carry out this atrocity. Guarding their minds and hearts against all the unhealthy influences in the media and violent gaming world is so important at this age.
    We parents need to do two things in the face of this tragedy: guard our children against the negative and use the opportunity to communicate God’s truth. In other words, “It doesn’t work to just block the messages of this world unless we are pouring in the real truth and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.”1
    Lastly, pray together as a family for those who were the victims of this attack, that God would bring healing and peace in the midst of loss.
    There are more questions than answers when it comes to a situation like this. I like Kevin Leman’s advice when he says “The ‘why’ questions are always the hardest, and the answers ‘I don't know’ and ‘I don't have a clue’ are acceptable.”
    I pray God gives you wisdom and discernment as you address this issue with your children.
    1. Taken from Guardians of Purity by Julie Hiramine. "

    Julie is the Founder and Executive Director of the ministry Generations of Virtue ( that equips parents to empower their children to be pure in our world today. As an internationally noted speaker, author and Christian leader, Julie has encouraged and impacted parents and teens around the world through her speaking and written materials. Julie graduated from Pepperdine University with dual degrees in Non Profit Business Management and Sociology. Julie's background in youth ministry and church planting has shaped her into a passionate advocate for raising the next generation to fulfill their God-given destinies. Julie and her husband Kay have spent the last 21 years of their marriage ministering in five continents. Julie is based with her husband, and their five children in Colorado Springs, Colorado and at their other home in Conesus, New York
    *see Family

    -Video Games

  • After Newtown, some shoppers think twice about violent video games CNN iReport By Nicole Saidi and Doug Gross, CNN updated 1:54 PM EST, Wed December 19, 2012 | Filed under:

  • "CNN) -- For many families this holiday season, video games will come wrapped in colorful paper, ribbons and bows -- and lots of questions.
    Inevitably, in the wake of the tragic school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, video games have become part of the national conversation about the roots of violence.
    To be sure, any role they may have played in Newtown remains unclear. Police have said nothing about them, and scattered news reports have gunman Adam Lanza playing games ranging from the military strategy "Starcraft" to kid-friendly "Dance Dance Revolution," neither of which rank among the more violent titles on the market.
    And while violent video-game controversies date back to the 1970s, studies into whether games cause violent behavior have been inconclusive. For many gamers, it's an old and tired debate.
    But after the Newtown shootings, which claimed the lives of 20 children and seven adults -- including Lanza's mother -- some shoppers are weighing whether it's appropriate to give certain video games to children or young teens this holiday season. ...


    -Movie Theatre

  • Colorado suspect was brilliant science student Associated PressBy DAN ELLIOTT and MICHAEL R. BLOOD | Associated Press – 1 hr 24 mins ago (Saturday, July 21st 2012)

  • "DENVER (AP) — James Eagen Holmes came from a well-tended San Diego enclave of two-story homes with red-tiled roofs, where neighbors recall him as a clean-cut, studious young man of sparing words.
    Tall and dark-haired, he stared clear-eyed at the camera in a 2004 high school yearbook snapshot, wearing a white junior varsity soccer uniform — No. 16. The son of a nurse, Arlene, and a software company manager, Robert, James Holmes was a brilliant science scholar in college.
    The biggest mystery surrounding the 24-year-old doctoral student was why he would have pulled on a gas mask and shot dozens of people early Friday in a suburban Denver movie theater, as police allege.
    In the age of widespread social media, no trace of Holmes could be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter or anywhere on the Web. Either he never engaged or he scrubbed his trail.
    A longtime neighbor in San Diego, where Holmes grew up, remembers only a "shy guy ... a loner" from a churchgoing family. In addition to playing soccer at Westview High School, he ran cross country.
    The bookish demeanor concealed an unspooling life. Holmes struggled to find work after graduating with highest honors in spring 2010 with a neuroscience degree from the University of California, Riverside, said the neighbor, retired electrical engineer Tom Mai.
    Holmes enrolled last year in a neuroscience Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado-Denver but was in the process of withdrawing, said school officials, who didn't provide a reason. The school later said in a statement that he left the program in June 2012."
    As part of the advanced program in Denver, a James Holmes had been listed as making a presentation in May about Micro DNA Biomarkers in a class named "Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders."
    In academic achievement, "he was at the top of the top," recalled Riverside Chancellor Timothy P. White.
    Holmes concentrated his study on "how we all behave," White added. "It's ironic and sad."
    From a distance, Holmes' life appears unblemished, a young man with unlimited potential. There are no indications he had problems with police.
    Somehow, the acclaimed student and quiet neighbor reached a point where he painted his hair red, called himself "The Joker," the green-haired villain from the Batman movies, according to New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who said he had been briefed on the matter.
    Authorities say Holmes arrived at the theater dressed in black, outfitted in a gas mask, ballistic helmet, vest and leggings, black tactical gloves and protectors on his throat and groin. He was armed with an assault-style rifle, a shotgun and Glock handgun.
    Police said he started his attack by tossing two gas canisters into the theater, where he had bought a ticket for the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises," the new Batman movie. A federal law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing probe into the rampage, said Holmes bought four guns from retailers in the past two months.
    Holmes bought his first Glock pistol in Aurora, Colo., on May 22. Six days later, he picked up a Remington shotgun in Denver. About two weeks later, he bought a .223 caliber Smith & Wesson rifle in Thornton, Colo., and then a second Glock in Denver on July 6 — 13 days before the shooting, the official said.
    A high-volume drum magazine was attached to the rifle, an assault weapon, the official said. Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said that a 100-round drum magazine for the rifle was recovered from the scene.
    "I'm told by experts that with that drum magazine, he could have gotten off 50 to 60 rounds, even if it was semiautomatic, within one minute," Oates said at a news conference. "And as far as we know, it was a pretty rapid pace of fire in that theater."
    Julie Adams, whose son played junior varsity soccer with Holmes, said her son remembered little about the suspect, which was unusual for the tight-knit team.
    "I don't think many of the kids (teammates) knew him. He was kind of a loner," she said.
    Jackie Mitchell, a furniture mover who lives several blocks from the suspect's apartment building in Colorado, said he had drinks with Holmes at a bar on Tuesday night, though he showed no sign of distress or violence.
    After Holmes approached him, "we just talked about football. He had a backpack and geeky glasses and seemed like a real intelligent guy, and I figured he was one of the college students," Mitchell said.
    When Mitchell saw Holmes' photo after the shooting, "the hair stood up on my back," he said. "I know this guy."
    Holmes is not talking to police and has asked for a lawyer, according to a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the case. Police found jars of chemicals in Holmes' booby-trapped apartment with wires nearby, the law enforcement official said.
    When he surrendered meekly in the movie house parking lot, Holmes told authorities what he'd done at his residence in the Denver suburb of Aurora, the third most populous city in Colorado.
    "Our hearts go out to those who were involved in this tragedy and to the families and friends of those involved," Holmes' family said in a statement Friday. "We ask that the media respect our privacy during this difficult time."
    San Diego Superior Court spokeswoman Karen Dalton said there were no records found under his name, not even for a traffic ticket. Riverside County prosecutors also have no criminal record for him, said John Hall, a spokesman for the district attorney's office. The only mark on his record in Aurora was a speeding summons from October, Oates said.
    On Friday morning, police escorted the suspect's father from the family's San Diego home. The mother stayed inside, receiving visitors who came to offer support.
    San Diego police spokeswoman Lt. Andra Brown spoke to reporters in the driveway of the Holmes' home, on behalf of the family.
    "As you can understand, the Holmes family is very upset about all of this," she said. "It's a tragic event and it's taken everyone by surprise."

    Blood reported from Los Angeles. Associated Press contributors to this report include Elliot Spagat and Julie Watson in San Diego; Eileen Sullivan, Alicia A. Caldwell and Pete Yost in Washington; Tom Hays in New York; Amy Taxin in Orange County, Calif.; Colleen Slevin in Denver; and Eric Carvin and AP researcher Judith Ausuebel in New York.



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